Kabaka Pyramid And DJ Max Glazer Drop Immaculate Mixtape

As a tumultuous 2020 comes to an end, reggae star Kabaka Pyramid and famed producer and DJ Max Glazer are gifting us with a remarkable body of work with the Immaculate mixtape.

Boasting an impressive tracklisting of 27 new and recently released songs, as well as a few customized dubs, Immaculate features notable collaborations from both established and rising stars of reggae namely multi-Grammy winner Damian Marley, Runkus, Pressure Busspipe, Dre Island, Royal Blu, Medisun and Jane Macgizmo

The brainchild of Kabaka and Max Glazer, the “IMMACULATE” mixtape aims to represent the full spectrum of Kabaka’s talent through his prolific lyrics and versatility whether on “Kontraband pt 2”, “Trample Dem”, “Nice Up The Dance” or “Mama Earth”.

“It was a great experience working on Immaculate with Kabaka. We’ve known each other for years, but this is the first time we have actually worked on a project together and this man is a lyrical force of nature. The only way to describe Kabaka Pyramid is, of course, accurate… and immaculate.” said Max Glazer.

Kabaka Pyramid Advocates Against Child Brutality in His New Single "Trample  Dem" - The TropixsSpeaking on this exciting project, Kabaka said: “Immaculate is 58 minutes of pure fire and lyricism. It’s possibly my most high-energy release to date and even though the message is a must, and these are serious times we in, Immaculate also shows some of the lighter sides to the pyramid. Max really put it together like a classic mixtape, real DJ vibes, and it reminds me of my high school days making mix CD’s for our sound Time Bomb. I’m just glad the world is getting to hear all these songs I’ve been going crazy over all year!”



1. Kontraband pt. 2 feat. Damian Marley (Prod. Damian Marley)

2. General (Prod. 8track/Genius)

3. Trample Dem (Prod. SukuWard/Kabaka Pyramid/Hazzle Beatz)

4. New Step feat Runkus (Prod. Steven Shirley)

5. Love Mi Bad (Prod. Young Pow)

6. Nice Up The Dance [Dubplate] (Riddim by Jeremy Harding)

7. Reggae Music [Dubplate] (Riddim by Jeremy Harding]

8. Stress Relief [Tun Up the Sound] (Prod. DJ Karim/Stainless Music)

9. Election Time (Prod. Kabaka Pyramid)

10. Mama Earth feat. Pressure Buss Pipe (Prod. Hazzle Beatz)

11. Babylon Fallin (Prod. One Time Music/Island Wav)

12. Babylon Fallin [Dubplate] (Riddim by Ward 21)

13. Doh Seh A Word (Prod. LMR Pro)

14. Ready (Prod. Jugglerz)

15. The Genesis (Prod. Brenk/Syrix)

16. Lyrics Above the Clouds [Dubplate] (Riddim by DJ Premier)

17. Feestyle (Prod. LMR Pro)

18. Grand Stand feat MediSun and Royal Blu (Prod. Iotosh/Teflon Zincfence)

19. Energy (Prod. Izreal/Sonovic)

20. I Don’t Care (Prod. Paris Lamont)

21. Tension feat Dre Island (Prod. Teflon Zincfence)

22. Immaculate [Dubplate] (Riddim refixed by Kenny Meez)

23. Nah Go Change (Prod. Kabaka Pyramid)

24. Jah Alone feat Jane MacGizmo (Prod. Teflon Zincfence)

25. So Much Love (Prod. Jungle Josh)

26. Never Trod Alone (Prod. One Time Music)

27. Believe (Prod. Tip God)

Source: Kabaka Pyramid and DJ Max Glazer drop Immaculate mixtape | Loop News

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