Jada Kingdom Promises To Be One Of The ‘Biggest’ Female Acts Based From Jamaica

PHOTO: Jada thrills Typsy TuesdaysJamaican singer Jada Kingdom has made a pledge that she will become one of the biggest female entertainers from Jamaica.

The Win artiste, who is easily one of the female front runners in Jamaica’s music industry, said that she is going to make her dream a reality.

“I’m going to be one of the biggest female recording artist & live performer from Jamaica,” she captioned an Instagram post on Tuesday.

While many of her fans couldn’t ignore her figure in the picture she shared, they said that ‘Muma Heavy’ is well on her way to fulfilling that dream.

Iron Visuals on Twitter: "Jada Kingdom with <a href=@ironvisuals SPRING BLING 2019 . . #springbling #wdkx #ironvisuals #performer #grind… "" data-iml="43592" />“You definitely on the right path to do so, gwaan stay humble and focus @jadakingdom,” one social media user said.

“PERIODTT‼️ Continue speaking that & manifesting it into existence Twinkle,” another added.

One fan joined the conversation, saying: “Yes Indeed. You definitely the baddest.”

Another person said that Jada is already among the top female acts in Jamaica.

Jada Kingdom Reacts To Fat Shaming Comments - The Tropixs“3 top female artists running Jamaica now… u, shenseea n spice so,” the social media user said.

Source: Jada Kingdom vows to become one of the ‘biggest’ female acts from JA | Buzz

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