Guitars Owned And Played By And Bob Marley To Be Auctioned Off

Rhythm is King: Bob Marley's Hypnotic Pulse | Premier GuitarThe guitar that belonged to Bob Marley is an Ovation 1612-4 Custom Balladeer acoustic, loaded with a pickup. The guitar was given by Marley to Benji Levy, who Marley met and befriended at a car dealership in Jamaica. According to the auction page, the guitar’s repaired neck is the result of a fight between Marley and his girlfriend Cindy Breakspeare. Breakspeare reportedly hit Marley with the guitar Bob Marley's “Africa Must Be Free By 1983” Guitar Message |– he then gave it to Levy, who had it repaired. It’s expected to fetch between $80,000 and $100,000

The auction will be taking place between 1-2 December 2020.

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Source: Guitars owned and played by Hendrix and Bob Marley to be auctioned off | | All Things Guitar

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