Elephant Man Not Interested In Creating An OnlyFans Account 

Elephant Man At On The Reggae And Soca Tip - YouTubeThe use of subscription-based service OnlyFans has popularised in dancehall since the disruption of the music industry because of COVID-19. Though artistes including D’Angel, Ishawna, and Renee Sixthirty have created OnlyFans accounts, some artistes like Elephant Man can’t see himself joining the platform.

“Me nuh waan see dat, mi nuh waan see it,” Ele told Spice on a recent episode of her Magnum show- Spice It Up.

But he doesn’t believe in criticising those who are on it.

“If we a go do a OnlyFans a bare dancing mi a kill dem wid and how we cook and hold vibes and rae,” he said. “Now it woulda be a problem if Foota (Hype), me or anyone of us tells a person with their own phone, with their own account, what to do, how to do.”

Elephant Man (centre) and Ce’cile (right) were guests on Spice’s (left) talk show- Spice it Up

Guest Ce’cile shared this sentiment, but also said she couldn’t see herself on the platform.

“There’s certain things that I’m not going to do, I have a daughter now… But even if somebody does certain things with kids that’s up to them. Everybody has to live their own way and the good thing about our society is we have choice.”

Mindful of actions

Spice agreed with her guests but added that women in dancehall should be mindful of their actions so they don’t “water down” the industry.

“Marcia Griffiths, Lady Saw, Sister Charmaine, Sister Nancy, Lady G, Lady Ann…they built something and fought for something for us so that me coulda have a career, Ce’cile coulda have a career, so we fi know seh there’s so many other females that’s gonna come after us so it’s whatever we do dem a go do so mi just waan dem kinda respect the music… nuh carry it too far.”

Elephant Man Accused Of Electricty Theft. - Urban IslandzIn another episode of the show, entertainer Konshens commended acts for exploring other streams of income through OnlyFans.

“This is 2020 and I think more people aware of wealth building and one of the key ingredients is multiple streams of income,” he said. “Yuh find fi local artistes, mi nah call nuh name, dem under a different type a microscope cause dem Jamaican and our society less welcoming and accepting a certain things but when foreign people do it, it normal.”

International acts Tyga, Cardi B, Chris Brown are some foreign acts with OnlyFans accounts.

Source: It’s a no for me: Elephant Man says he won’t join OnlyFans | Buzz

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