Bling Dawg ‘He Would Love To See The Alliance Reunite For A Concert’

Bling Dawg Will Join Ding Dong, Agent Sasco & Others On Magnum Explosion –  Dec. 14th (<a href=@Bawse_Dawg @ROMEICHWEAR) | MARIA JACKSON MAGAZINE" width="385" height="343" data-iml="8661" />Dancehall deejay Bling Dawg says the Jamaican music industry would make more inroads if all players united. To illustrate, he proposed all founding and current members of the Bounty Killer-led Alliance crew reuniting.

“How nice would it be if Alliance reunite and every Alliance have a stage show?” he said in a recent interview with Nikki Z. “Dat a one thing wid di music industry, yuh see if we just unite it can be a bigger picture more than weh we see.”

The formidable Alliance was formed in the early 2000s, and according to Bling Dawg, it comprised of himself, Bounty Killer, and Wayne Marshall at the time.

Strong connection

The Tweeta deejay was a teenager living in Miami when he met the ‘Warlord’ courtesy of friends and deejays Dugsy Ranks and Beetle Bailey.

“Mi nah tell no lie from me meet Killer, it’s just a straight connect… That time him and Beenie Man had a rivalry, and he didn’t want to stay in the same hotel where Beenie Man dem stay at…and from mi link wid him me and him par for one whole weekend… At the time I was at school, so him seh him a go a Jamaica tomorrow, so I tell him seh mi have school inna di morning and him give me him number and seh fi link him.”

Bling Dawg - Aji Bounce (Official Video) - YouTubeThe two kept in touch and Bling Dawg, who had migrated to Miami at age 11, vowed to return to Jamaica to pursue music when he graduated. He followed through on this and ended up at the Shocking Vibes Production Company because of his connections with Ranks and Bailey. Beenie Man was also part of the record label.

“Inna Shocking Vibes and still a link wid Killer regardless of what, but I don’t get involved in Beenie Man and Killer ting because Beenie Man support mi and Killer support mi,” he said. “A nuff people try fi mash up dat same time and carry news to Bounty and carry news to Beenie, but guess what? From yuh have somebody and dem know yuh real and yuh know what to expect of them, yuh not even a go think dah way deh. Big up Bounty Killer, big up Beenie Man cause Beenie Man mek mi get mi first number one, Circumstances, inna music.”


Bounty Killer, Bling Dawg and Wayne Marshall were some of the first members of The Alliance.

Throughout the years, several artistes including Iyara and Bridges have left the Alliance camp, claiming that their careers were neglected by the chief. Other high profile names to have parted ways from the group include Mavado, Vybz Kartel and Aidonia. Bling Dawg revealed that Bounty Killer knew he didn’t place all efforts in his career.

“A nuff time him seh it to me, “Bling, nuff things weh mi do fi people mi nuh do it fi yuh” but at the end of the day for me and how my mentality stay…yuh see when me inna one circle, mi can navigate my mind fi myself, using that circle as a platform,” he said. “Fi me, ‘Liance a one a di best things weh ever form inna music…and I will never diss Alliance and I’ll always be Alliance nuh care what entity it is because that’s the root. I’m mi own big man and Killer a him own big man. Busy a him own big man, Marshall a him own big man, and it goes on… but yet still we are a music family, we cya watch weh gwaan.”

Bling Dawg is currently making reggae music like the track God is Amazing, contrary to his hardcore style on tracks like Aji Bounce and Phone Call (with Kartel).

“The growth weh mi reach, there’s no way it a go allow mi fi deejay certain things weh below the growth weh mi deh, a just deh so it deh,” he said.

Source: Bling Dawg would love to see The Alliance reunite for a concert | Buzz

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