To Have A Song As Big As One Love, Would Be An Ultimate Achievement For Reggae Artist  Bugle

Bugle - Latest News and New Music - Urban IslandzRecording artiste and songwriter Bugle is not one to hog the musical spotlight. In fact, as prolific and extensive as his musical catalogue is, the name Bugle would not immediately come up in conversations about the music industry. With his quiet, unassuming demeanour, Bugle has managed to manoeuvre the music space without getting entangled in controversy or ‘mix-up’, making his talent the focal point of any conversation involving him. With hits such as Compatible, Anointed, Pearly Gates and Journeys, and so much more, Bugle’s contributions to the entertainment industry is undeniable. In this week’s edition of Five Questions With, we get to know a little more about the indomitable spirit that is Bugle.

1. What is a typical day like in the life of Bugle?

A typical day for me now during this whole lockdown, quarantine situation involves cooking, writing, recording, talking to my kids and holding a good vibe with friends. Of course, I’m also ensuring that I don’t neglect the body, too, so I keep up with the daily runs and thing.

2. What is the one food you love a lot, that people would be shocked at or find odd?

I love every fruit you can think off. I also enjoy curry coconut chunks.

3. What’s your all take favourite thing to do with your children?

As you saw in the first question, a part of my daily routine is dedicated to communicating with my children. I don’t have a specific favourite thing to do with them, I just really enjoy alone time with them. That’s precious to me.

Bugle Tackles Relationship Issues In New Videos (<a href=@BugleAn9ted) | MARIA JACKSON MAGAZINE" data-iml="37890" />4. What kind of father are you? Are you the easy-going, relaxed type or the disciplinarian?

I’m an easy-going dad but also a disciplinarian. I think it’s very important for parents to strike that balance. You want you and your kids to be friends but you also want to establish that you are the adult and command the kind of respect that only comes through discipline.

5. What’s the one thing you want to achieve musically that hasn’t quite happened yet?

I have accomplished a lot in music but, of course, there is a lot more that I want to achieve. I would love to have a song as big as Bob Marley’s One Love and I want to win a Grammy. That would be my ultimate achievement.

Source: Five Questions with Bugle | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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