Spice Shows How She Protects Her Wig No Matter What

Spice: Essential facts about the dancehall legendWomen are generally shy about removing their wigs to expose their hair c underneath. But not dancehall artiste Spice, if it’s one thing, BUZZ Fam, Spice is gonna protect her wig from getting wet.

A video on her Instagram showed the Inches artiste out and about yesterday during the heavy rains.

While leaving a building, she noticed the poring showers outside. And even though she had a gentleman waiting for her with an umbrella, Spice was taking no chances with her signature blue wig.

Spice In “Romantic Mood” Amidst “Captured” Success – Radio DubplateIn one quick sweep, she effortlessly removed the wig from her head, revealing some very neatly done cornrows underneath.

“Jamaica a flood out 😫 but I got to protect my wig at any means necessary,” she told her more than 3 million Instagram followers.

Her post was obviously done in good humour, and she had her fans cracking up.

“😂 Jah know somebody afi put ah stop to grace madness,” someone commented.

“Mi naa laugh, yes mi artist protect the hair at all cost ya man 🤣” another said.

“😂 If by any means necessary was a person 😩,” someone added.

Source: Spice will protect her wig at all cost | Buzz

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