I-Octane’s Daughter, Octavia Takes Spotlight In Her First Release

Octavia, I-Octane's 11 Year-Old Daughter, Looks To Blast Off With 'Escape'  – DancehallMagOctavia, 11-year-old daughter of singjay I-Octane, has always had a creative streak. She began writing her own poems and songs when she was five years old. Her father recognized her talents and nurtured her creative drive, hoping to get her to emerge as a major force.

She is ready for her moment in the spotlight with the month-old Escape featuring Banxx on the Good Good Production label. The song has an accompanying video.

“I chose the name Octavia. My daddy had finished his studio and I said I wanted to be an artiste like him, so I robbed his name, took the ‘Oct’ and then added ‘avia’, so I am the female version of Octane,” the spunky 11 year-old whose real name is Ashiek Muir, said.

I-Octane at first tried to influence her in doing songs about toys and dolls but Octavia was more focused on social issues.

“I didn’t want to sing about dolls or anything like that because life is about issues like the environment, doing well in school, getting life skills. When you think about life, money can’t give you happiness, you have to be able to deal with your issues. Being able to overcome a problem in school teaches you perseverance, and when you get over it you can’t believe you were making such a fuss in the first place. I want to inform and teach people,” she said.

Octavia, I-Octane's 11 Year-Old Daughter, Looks To Blast Off With 'Escape'  – DancehallMagCurrently enrolled at Kemet Maasai Academy in Portmore, she wants to learn how to play the guitar and keyboard and will be doing lessons in the future.

“I just love music,” she said.

I-Octane has signed her to his Conquer the Globe label, and she is being managed by Bling Blang. Her first official song, Internet was done six months ago.

She is working on a six-song EP slated for release in 2021.

Octiva has performed alongside her father on shows such as St Ann Kite Fest, Portland Jerk Festival and Rebel Salute.

“I loved performing on stage. At first, I was kinda shy but whenever I start to sing I don’t feel the nerves again. At Rebel Salute when I did my song Mi No Trust Some Bwoy, I got a big forward from the crowd and again at the ‘Jerkfest’ – it was really incredible,” she said.

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