D’Angel Nude Photos Leaked From OnlyFans Again

D’Angel’s OnlyFans photos are leaking again.

The dancehall diva revealed that she not only seek legal counsel to address the matter, but she also filed a police report as she seeks to have the perpetrators of her leaked photos brought to justice. Earlier this week, D’Angel revealed that she is making enough money from OnlyFans to buy a house and also responded to criticism from her ex-husband Beenie Man. Her revelation came just days after she was spotted at a Porsche dealership in Kingston.

A new set of nude photos allegedly of D’Angel hit the net this week, and the dancehall diva is letting her fans know that the images are photoshopped. The images are clearly photoshopped but are still damaging to D’Angel’s brand as persons seek to embarrass her and possibly turn potential subscribers away from her OnlyFans account.

“Right now I am actually reporting the matter and that’s all I can say, the matter is out of my hands right now it’s being investigated so persons have to be careful that’s all I can say,” she told Music News. “Persons have to be careful with this very sensitive situation. I am actually here at the crime unit reporting the matter and that’s all I have to say.”

D’Angel previously dealt with leaked nude photos over the summer, where she threatened to take legal actions. Her lawyer, Christopher Townsend, did reach out to some folks to have the images taken down, but some are still lingering on the net. The “Mind Yuh Business” singjay says she has over 100K subscribers of her account and raking in millions.

OnlyFans has quickly become a lucrative platform for entertainers, especially after the Coronavirus pandemic hit and grind the entertainment industry to a screeching halt. Ishawna was the first dancehall artiste to join the adult platform, and just recently, other artistes started toying with the idea of joining. Some of the current top earners include Blac Chyna, who is reportedly making around $17 million monthly, and Cardi B, who is currently banking a reported $8 million monthly.

Source: D’Angel Nude Photos Leaked From OnlyFans AGAIN, Files Police Report – Urban Islandz

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