D’Angel & Beenie Man Has Different Perspective On Her OnlyFans Account, She Claims To Be Making Money

Beenie Man Claps Back At Dancehall Queen Carlene, Praised D'Angel At Son's  Graduation - Urban IslandzDancehall artiste and model D’Angel says her income has increased greatly since joining OnlyFans, an adult-oriented content subscription service, three months ago.

“Joining OnlyFans is one of the best things I have ever done; I plan to be on the next list of top earners on the site. I won’t reveal the number of subscribers I have presently or how much I have made through the platform, but me can buy a house,” said the singjay, who recently shared that she was shopping for a new car, specifically a Porsche.

It is not the first time that a Jamaican artiste has made claims of raking in big bucks from the site. Earlier this year, Ishawna revealed that she has made millions of dollars from OnlyFans.

Now D’Angel, said that her content is in demand, even as she pushed back at suggestions that she should stay away from the site because she is a mother.

D'angel Sets The Record Straight About Her Divorce From Beenie Man – Radio  Dubplate“It wasn’t until I went on OnlyFans that I realised the demand. I am a model; my body is aesthetically pleasing and all the images are tastefully done like art that, in itself, I am,” D’Angel told THE STAR.

Expressed disapproval

The statement comes following an interview in which Beenie Man, with whom she has a teenage son, expressed disapproval of her OnlyFans move.

D'Angel Shares Adorable Photo With Beenie Man - "We Living Good" - The  TropixsHe said as a mother it is her duty to think about the impact it would have on their son and that he had spoken to D’Angel about her decision to post content on the platform. He said that she insisted that she had to do it.

“I can’t tell her fi think bout har yute. She supposed to do that as a mother,” Beenie Man said in the recent interview on the Teach Dem YouTube channel. “She never haffi do dat, but she did.”

D’Angel’s response was: “I don’t discriminate what mothers do to provide for their children and in no way does what I am doing dictate the type of mother I am. A lot of the top content creators like Cardi B are parents and it is another source of income. Me haffi guh hard as a mother.”

Beenie Man And D'Angel Throw Jabs On The Mello FM Road Show – DancehallMagThe Exposed singjay said prior to joining OnlyFans she discussed her plans with her mother who advised her that as an adult and a provider, the decision was hers to make.

“I never checked with him (Beenie Man) for approval; we have to do what we have to, to provide for our families especially when nothing is going on in entertainment,” she said.

Beenie Man and D'Angel celebrates Marco Dean's 10th birthday -  DjStefanoMusic.comD’Angel said that when some of her photos were leaked, she talked with her son Marco Dean who will be 14 next month. She said he is very mature and understanding.

“When the pictures leaked, we sat down and had a mother-son heart-to-heart before anybody else showed him what was circulating. Marco Dean is doing fine, in his own world and sensible,” she said.

Source: D’Angel says she’s earning big from OnlyFans – Artiste unfazed by Beenie Man’s criticism | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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