Beenie Man Says He Was Paid $100 By Yellow Man, Not To Perform On His Sound

Dancehall Legend Yellowman Blast Beenie Man For Remaking  "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng" Classic - Urban IslandzIn an interview done with the youtube channel, “Teach dem”, veteran dancehall entertainer Beenie Man explained how he made lyrics at the age of 4. The deejay said he had a talking disorder when he was a child and so it was better for him to sing things to recite them rather than talk.

Beenie Man said that as a practice he would recite everything being taught by him at school, in a song. The doctor also said that at times when he would go to the shop to buy groceries, he would often memorize the list of things he had to buy in a song.

Beenie explained that his experiences made him the person he is at this time, From releasing his first album at age 10 to being paid $100 by King Yellowman to not perform on his sound one particular night, however, Beenie man did perform. Beenie then went on in the interview to explain that Yellowman was a big inspiration to him growing up.

Beenie also knows how to perform all musical instrument, he states that he is not just in music to sing.

He also went on to open up about the feud he had with fellow entertainer Junior Reid “Me and him will never be that friend but i will always have that respect for Junior Reid”.

Yellowman Not Pleased Beenie Man's Remake of 'Zungguzungguguzungguzeng'In the lengthy interview, he states that Vybz Kartel is a Beenie Man fan hence the reason he turned up at his Wedding and did musical collabs.

“Mi a di first producer voice Spice” Beenie outlines that he voiced Spice long before she got the big break however they fall out after Spice dissed D’Angel on stage.

The doctor spoke about the real reason why himself and D’Angel broke up, according to Beenie Man he made a surprise return to Jamaica while on tour to find D’Angel gone and left their son to spend time with another man. Listen what he had to say about this and more in the video below.


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