Tilibop Pleased With His Single ‘All That’ Growth In The Scene

Reggae artiste Tilibop is elated that his single All That got major airtime at a George Floyd Black Lives Matter protest rally in Brooklyn, New York, recently.”It was a surreal moment for me because I didn’t expect the song to be played. The crowd was mostly black Americans and a mixture of island people from all over the Caribbean, it was more a Yankee crowd, so I was shocked when the disc jockey, a black American, played All That and pulled it up,” said Tilibop, whose given name is Marvin Amos.

Tilibop fights racism and the system with 'All That' | Loop NewsHe said the song, released at the height of the public unrest sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement, had caught the attention of the reggae-listening public in Jamaica and in New York.”The whole thing is surreal to me because when I wrote the song, I didn’t see a vision of that. It was just based on my experiences, and my people going through the struggle, ghetto youths being killed by the police. But now with the George Floyd protests and the Black Lives Matter movement, a lot of people have given it meaning. It ah travel, it ah take on a whole new life and narrative,” he said. The song was officially released on July 23, the birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie.”

People tell me that the song gives them hope and inspiration through the pandemic, the racism, the police brutality, the degradation of the black race. It makes them feel we can overcome ‘all that’,” Tilibop said.

Source: Tilibop pleased with single’s progress | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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