Rygin King Back In The Studio, Recovering From Gun Shot Wounds

Ryging King Shares with us his recovery from being shot as he hits the studio for new music.

Dancehall artiste Rygin King was attacked by gunmen on June 28, 2020, Westmoreland in broad day light. The gunfire left one other man nursing gunshot wounds and the singer’s girlfriend dead. However, the singjay was extremely lucky not to face the same fate. Nearly a week ago, he announced in an IG post that he would be “coming back powerful than ever before.” His latest post to Instagram seems to be the cue he was alluding to, as the singer seemingly shows that he has undergone a full recovery and is looking to get back to his passion, creating music.

The “Tuff” singer is dressed in white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, cargo pants, a longsleeved lavender shirt, and is sporting a pensive yet content countenance as he clutches a cigarette while sitting in a studio chair. The caption left below the video is simple yet prophetic, as he reverences the power of a higher being on his existence. “Give thank fi life,” he wrote along with a praying emoji.

It was initially believed that the usually energetic artiste would have lost his ability to walk. Curious fans posed the question in the comment section below his post, but no answer was provided. The position of his legs while he sits back in the chair is currently the best indicator that Rygin King is still mobile. While the answers were nonexistent, the plethora of kind words from friends and fans were constant below the new upload.

Fellow recording artiste Deep Jahi referenced the “powers” of a higher being in his salute. Meanwhile, I-Octane and Chronic Law dropped a couple of praying emojis. Love also came pouring from celebs outside of the music fraternity, with footballers Leon Bailey and Raheem Sterling throwing their support behind his very speedy recovery.

Last month, Rygin King showed that he was still up to scratch vocally as he released the spiritually charged track “No Emotions,” in which he spoke on the death of his girlfriend, among other factors that could have led to his demise.

Fans cannot wait to see what other track he will drop to mark his official return.

Source: Rygin King Shares His Recovery From Gunshot Wounds, Hit The Studio – Urban Islandz

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