Macka Diamond Lashes Out About The “Sextape” That’s Making The Rounds Online

Dancehall Veteran Macka Diamond Leads Initiative to Help Pregnant Women In  COVID-19 Pandemic - Urban IslandzMacka Diamond is badly upset with Pretti Don because she is sending photos of her all over the internet, and people were tagging her telling her about Lava Show but she took it for a joke. Until she found out that Pretti Don says she has a sex tape that she can use to disgrace her.

Macka says Pretti Don and others have been harassing her for a long time and she is tired of them now and she will not be putting up with the harassment anymore, because she is not the only woman who is sleeping with a man who belongs to another woman.

Stop giving away your talent': Macka Diamond, Merciless booked for online  pay-per-view concert | BuzzNow Macka Diamond is threatening to get a lawyer to handle the case for her and says she will deal with Pretti Don very badly if she should ever see her face-to-face; as she is not the only one who sells sex.

Macka Diamond lashes out at Pretti Don Online about "Sextape" – Video |  yardhype.comMacka went on to say that she sells sex so what , she is not the only one doing it. Mack also addressed the estrange internet personality as “hey gyal boy dog animal shit” explain that she dont know what to call Pretty Don.

Watch the viral video below.

Source: Macka Diamond lashes out at Pretti Don Online about “Sextape” – Video |

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