Jah Cure Set To Launch YouTube Channel For Personnel Vlogs Showcasing Jamaica

Jah Cure's Ghostwriter Says Reggae Star Sent Her Death Threats | Magic 103.7Reggae superstar Jah Cure is looking into launching a YouTube channel to upload personal vlogs.

The Grammy-nominated singer is known for his daily excursions around Jamaica from cooking on the white sandy beaches in Negril, to jumping from the rope at Old Spanish Bridge in St Mary.

Jah Cure is now set to create a vlog to connect with his fans while showcasing the beauty of island life.

The “Rock The Boat” singer asked fans if he should start a YouTube recently on Twitter and the response has been overwhelming. “Should I make a @YouTube series where I take you on all my adventures across Jamaica?,” The Cure questioned.

Source: Jah Cure Set To Launch YouTube Channel Showcasing Jamaica – The Tropixs

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