Jada Kingdom Feels She’ll Get Recognition For Her Work, ‘When She Dies’

Jada Kingdom Shows Off New Nigerian Boyfriend – Radio DubplateIt’s unfortunate but many celebrities aren’t truly recognized for their contribution to the respective fields until they pass away.

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom thinks she’ll get recognition for her work after she’s gone.

We’ve seen Grammy Awards being presented to artistes posthumously (Ray Charles), rappers getting number one albums after they’ve died (Juice WRLD) and actors breaking box office records from beyond the grave (Paul Walker).

And rising dancehall star Jada Kingdom thinks she will be among those who get recognition after she’s gone.

The Budum artiste tweeted Sunday (September 27), “I think I’m going to be one of those artists who gets the recognition they deserve after they die”, adding a laughing emoji. She continued “So until then I guess lmao” with a dancing woman emoji.

Jada Kingdom Biography: Wikipedia, Age, Height, Songs & Pictures - 360dopesDespite that subdued take on her budding career, she said more music will be “coming soon regardless”.

Jada also said “;’’ be applying more pressure, stay tuned”, ending with some appreciation for her fans “Mi love unu”.

The tweet was shared with a picture of a young girl, seemingly Jada Kingdom in her formative years, and artwork for her single Budum.

It’s not the first the artiste has made such a claim, as just two days earlier she tweeted “When i die, please continue sleeping on me”, which many took to mean continue to underrate her musical contributions after she’s passed, like she thinks is being done now.

Jada Kingdom Responds To Critics Over Her Recent Performance - The TropixsHer fans would not let the subdued weekend tweet go unchecked as many rushed to reaffirm her talents.

One replied, “You are one of the best artist I know, you’re a very talented young lady and you should keep up the good work, as your fans we recognize your great work and we love your music.”

Another added, “U done a get recognition sista. Just continue putting the work”.

A third shared, “Ur too talented to be underrated” while another added that her song WiN is a “classic”.

Source: Jada Kingdom thinks she’ll get due recognition ‘when she dies’ | Buzz

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