Hoodcelebrityy “So Pretty”, Celebrating Women’s Beauty And Independence

HoodCelebrityy & Kash Doll - So Pretty (Video) - 1VIBEWOMEN STAR power can no longer be denied as sporadic or dismissed as isolated, as the past year has seen the ladies topping the charts and holding their own alongside their male-counterparts.

I also wanted to let girls know that beauty can stem from confidence in oneself. That’s why I had to get Kash Doll on this


Among those who trod on fiercely carrying the flag of female empowerment are Jamaican-born dancehall singer-songwriter Hoodcelebrityy and rapper Kash Doll.

On a mission to unite and entertain the world through songs, the multi-talented pair has released “SO PRETTY”, a hit-bound track celebrating women’s beauty and independence worldwide.

This song is an anthem for women everywhere to unite with each other and embrace their differences, it is the call for women to use their power, unite with who they truly are, and liberate themselves from patriarchal standards.

HITS Daily Double : The B-Side - HoodCelebrityy (Epic)Known for her self-esteem booster international chart topping “Walking Trophy”, Hoodcelebrityy spoke on the song’s inspiration, and her collaboration with BET Award nominee for Best Female Hip Hop Artist Kash Doll.

“I wrote the song “So Pretty” to let women of all nationalities know that they are all beautiful.

“I wanted to show my appreciation for diversity and that beauty comes in all shades“ explained Hoodcelebrityy.

She added: “I also wanted to let girls know that beauty can stem from confidence in oneself. That’s why I had to get Kash Doll on this.

“She exudes confidence and has such a boss mentality. Her independent mindset is inspiring.”

As this tumultuous year comes to a close, let us not forget that 2020 marks the year of the 100th year anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment.

BRB, blasting Hoodcelebrityy's “Inna Real Life” on repeat | The FADERGuaranteeing and protecting women’s constitutional right to vote, it is therefore only right to celebrate women independence and “So Pretty” does just that.

Paired with a provocative sexy visual video which premiered on Complex, “So Pretty” is available worldwide on September 18.

Source: Hoodcelebrityy “So Pretty” – Voice Online

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