Denyque And Shaneil Muir Are Trending With ‘Same Guy’

Denyque and Shaneil Muir collab brewing | BuzzDays after Jamaican entertainers Denyque and Shaneil Muir released their Same Guy collaboration, the song is trending on YouTube.

The song was released on Friday, September 11, and it is now the number one trending song on YouTube with more than 350,000 views. The track was produced by Good Good Production, and the music video was directed by Bling Blang.

“#1 ON TRENDING!!! 😩🔥🔥 Thank Youuu So Much @shaneilmuir x @goodgoodproductions!! Thank You To Youuuuuuuu My Lovesss! This Is So Surreal,” Denyque said on Instagram a few days ago.

This comes as a major accomplishment for Denyque who gave birth earlier this year. Prior to that, the wife and mother of two had been somewhat absent from the music scene.

Jahkno - Dancehall Reggae Music & Jamaican EntertainmentShaneil has also been gaining much traction in Jamaica with the release of songs like Yamabella and Top Gyal. She has also collaborated with Vybz Kartel on a track called Loyal, and there are plans to release Toxic with Daddy 1.

“The support has maximized, and the love has peaked with everybody listening to me now. There’s a higher demand for more music and more recognition. Even in the business aspect, the streams are going up, the views are going up, and it’s overwhelming but in a wonderful way,” Shaneil said in a recent interview with BUZZ.

Source: Denyque and Shaneil Muir are trending with ‘Same Guy’ | Buzz

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