Spice Celebrates Her 38th Birthday With Many Of Her Friends, Most Of Them Wearing Blue Hair

Spice Giving Away Mercedes Benz At Birthday Party In Connecticut ...Queen of the dancehall Spice is celebrating her thirty-eight birthday today August 6th and she is doing so in diva style. Spice went online to wish herself a happy birthday and reminds us of the reason why she is so independent.

Spice Enjoys Pre-Birthday Party With Ce'Cile, Pamputtae, Richie ...Spice was born on Jamaica’s independence hence it shaped the person who she turned out to be.

Spice wrote “Happy Independence Day to my country Jamaica 🇯🇲 now you know why I’m so fking INDEPENDENT”

While spice is now 38 Jamaica is now 58 years hence Spice entered the earth when Jamaica was 20 years old.

Spice kept a blue hair coloured party in Atlanta see clip from the event below.

Source: Spice celebrates 38th birthday – yardhype.com

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