Rygin King’s ‘One King’ Is The Number One Trending Song In Jamaica

Rygin King Shooting Link To Reprisal Killing, Dancehall Deejay Recovering  In Hospital - Urban IslandzRygin King who is currently hospitalized after being shot and injured is now the most listened to artiste on youtube in Jamaica. Over the past 24 hours, According to youtube the platform most Jamaicans go to listen to music, One king is at number one when it comes to trending.

Seemingly done before he was shot and badly injured, Rygin sings about bad things happening in his life which ended up playing out for real. King also outlines that he is no saint hence he is ready for what comes his way.

“No Emotion” was released on August 22nd, 2020 and has racked up over 600k views since then and currently tops the trending Jamaica list with Alkaline in the second spot with “cree” and Jada Kingdom rounding off the top three with her song “Budum”.

Danchall Artiste Rygin King Shot, Girlfriend Killed - Urban IslandzRygin King’s Instagram page posted the following in celebration of the number one spot.

“A who behind the trigga have the last laugh… things a get worse and worse friend a kill friend more money more problem” Sings Rygin King which is currently relatable to his current situation.

rygin king

Positive messages about his mental state and giving thanks to all supporters also were recently posted to One King’s Instagram page however fans are speculating that Rygin did not make the posts himself and they are done by a member of his team.

Mathew Smith otherwise called Rygin King was recently rumoured to be paralyzed however a member of his team has since dismissed such rumours.

Based on all accounts Rygin King seemingly is still badly hurt and only time will his true state.

Source: Rygin King has the Number one Trending song in Jamaica | yardhype.com

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