Konshens Defends Explicit Video Amid Backlash From Dancehall Fans

Konshens spits fire on critics over his latest raunchy videoKonshens is speaking out on some criticism he’s been getting after previewing his upcoming video.

Like many other entertainers, dancehall deejay Konshens regularly shows his appreciation for the love he has been receiving from his fans. However, there comes a time when those same fans may indeed provoke an artiste to wrath, and it sees August 10, was Konshens’ day to revel in such an experience. The “Gyal a Bubble” deejay took to his Instagram account to air out a special set of fans he labels as ‘over righteous.’

The trashing of the special set of fans apparently began after Konshens shared a few risqué scenes from the upcoming music video for his single “Backaz.” In one clip, dance choreographer and video vixen Chinny Unique show off her eating habits as she licks on a red icicle, which is being held by the Subkonshus deejay. Chinny eventually takes a big bite, leaving Konshens to stare at the camera in astonishment. This was preceded by another clip showing off a skimpily clad Sara Bendii’s, while she demonstrates her latest “whine” yet to be named. It is clear that the raunchy clips are simply offering small pieces of a very hot and heart-racing music video.

The recent release of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” has seemingly turned the world’s moral compass on its head, as persons attempt to grapple with the level of flirtatious and direct sexual references presented in the song and video. These elements and a similar approach to the craft have long been used by some of dancehall’s biggest names for decades now. Still, it seems Konshens is currently facing backlash for similar content.

Konshens took to his Instagram Story to share his disgust at the hate he has been receiving with a partially sarcastic post. “My favs are the over righteous so called “Konshens fans” who complain about sexuality and rawness in my music yet don’t even know that I released 2 REGGAE SONGS ON THE SAME RIDDIM bout 2 weeks ago,” he penned before dropping the figurative guillotine. “Unnu know unnu can go chuck inna unnu mum_a an loww mi right”

The two tracks in question “Badman Heart” and “Love Is Here” are featured on ZJ Chrome’s Between The Lines Riddim. Some of Konshens’ earlier hits, such as “Winner” and “The Realest Song” were widely considered positive cuts. He later added a plethora of female bangers, such as “Gyal A Bubble” and “Bad Gyal” to his catalog during the earlier parts of the last decade.

A day ago, the deejay took some time to give himself a bit of credit for reigniting the female flame in dancehall during the 2010-2011 period. He shared a snippet from his music video for “Bad Gyal” and left the following caption: “Anytime unnu a mention di GADS inna dis an try skip mi name mi jus laugh. Remember seh dem time yah the in thing was fi ugly up uself and act like yah badman. All when u nah kill a fly. Ladies… ur welcome.”

Towards the end of the post, Konshens mentioned that he is currently on an “iconic new chapter,” and we will definitely be here to capture those great moments.

Source: Konshens Defends Explicit Video Amid Backlash From Dancehall Fans – Urban Islandz

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