Ishawna Seeing Success With Her Onlyfans Account, And Making Millions From It

OnlyFansDancehall diva Ishawna says OnlyFans has not only ‘turned her back into a multi-millionaire,’ but that she has not had to go to extremes to rake in large sums of cash on the platform.

Speaking on entertainment show Onstage, on Saturday night, Ishawna said she joined OnlyFans out of frustration, and as an alternative medium to Instagram, where her content was often blocked, reported, or shadow-banned.

She said despite the stigma associated with OnlyFans, she had decided that it was a place she could be her ‘raunchy dancehall self’ and interact with her fan base with no restrictions or worry about being reported or flagged.

“I know OnlyFans has a big stigma… but I have made millions.   I am a multi-millionaire again from OnlyFans, and I did that without having to be doing anything out of the norm,” she explained to host Winford Williams.


“It is lucrative for me.  Because right now nobody naw mek money outta di quarantine and me a meck crazy money right now.  Me still a live an a enjoy life, being a star and being Ishawna.  So big up OnlyFans.  And If I was doing anything out of the norm everybody woulda see it by now.  It woulda leak; it would be all over di place.  People just love mi.  Di man dem just love Ishawna,” the Seaview Gardens native said.

The Meadowbrook High School old girl said her only regret is that she had not signed to the platform long before now, and unlike some other female content providers, while her content remains risqué, she has not had to do explicit sexual acts.

“I don’t have to.  People just love mi.  Right now money probably jus a drop inna mi account.  Honestly, it was the best decision I made and I wish I had made it earlier,” the 32-year-old said.

“I post my music over there.  They (subscribers) get exclusive content; they see my videos beforehand; they help me to decide what my videos are gonna be about; they help me to pick my outfit; they help me to pick my hairstyles; they see what I do each day.   They get to know the real Ishawna… not Ishawna as the artiste,” the Equal Rights artiste argued.

Ishawna making Millions from her "Only Fans" account | yardhype.comShe added: “I am a sex symbol… I’m a hardcore artiste, and that’s the best platform for me to sell myself as an artiste and sell my music as an artiste without restrictions… when I want to promote my music it’s done without any type of problems, and I’m getting paid for that.  What else can I ask for?  Lets be serious; I’m a businesswoman.  Me wish me did deh pan it long time.”

A few weeks ago, Ishawna’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her son, Foota Hype, while condemning her actions, said he would not curse her or fellow artiste D’Angel for signing to that platform as he was being urged to do by some Dancehall fans.

D’Angel had claimed she attracted 100,000 subscribers, according to a post made by the ‘Lady of Dancehall’ on her official page on the platform.  Her subscription rates stood at US$9.99 per month with a three-month subscription going for $26.77, the six-month package at US$53.95, and a year-long package for $107.89.

Foota Hype

Foota argued that when he spoke out about their lewd behavior on Instagram the very same fans were fine with it and had turned on him because the content was free, but because they are now required to pay, they are upset.

“Mi naw cuss dem.  Since dem a be skettel inna regular day life, now dem waa meck money offa being skettel, wha a di difference?   Suh mi nuh si why mi fi come cuss dem…Now quarantine a gwaan and di gyal dem hungry and want come eat a food.  Memba enuh, Tifa, Ishawna , D’Angel, Yanique Curvy Diva duh b__yman concert enuh and mi cuss dem and oonu same one trace mi,” he said.

“Now di people dem seh di nastiness weh oonu like, oonu haffi pay fi seet!  Me prefer if dem ova OnlyFans weh people haffi pay fi guh si dem, dan ova Instagram a contaminate di future.  Because when dem dweet ova Instagram any pickney can go so boom and guh seet.  If my babymadda go pon Instagram, Oshawn can guh suh, boom and seet, but him can’t guh seet ova OnlyFans.  Suh mi nave nuh problem wid OnlyFans,” the selector said.

Elaborating further on Ishawna, Foota said as long as she kept her shenanigans out of their teenage son’s eyes, she could do as she pleased.

“Mi naw cuss di gyal dem.  Memba seh dem a skettel; memba seh wha dem a do nuh right, but if dem a have a platform fi dah kind a behavior deh, and dem guh ova deh wid dah kina behaviour deh, mi naw cuss dem,” he re-emphasized.

Source: Ishawna Says She’s Raking In Millions From OnlyFans – DancehallMag

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