Alkaline Video ‘Cree’ Trending Number 1 In Jamaica

ALKALINE CONCERT IN BELIZE 2016 - YouTubeThe Vendetta Boss has released the music video for one of the hottest dancehall songs of 2020, the much-anticipated video was released on August 20th and so far has racked up over 500,000 views on youtube.

The grimy visual for “Cree” is currently the number one most-watched content on youtube in Jamaica.

In the Music video for “Cree” Alkaline did not show his face and instead appeared behind a mask as the leader of a bunch of killers. According to fans, Alkaline is taking aim at Vybz Kartel, Popcaan and Masicka in the deadly video.

One fan commented “tell craft man Popcaan say we full a technique mek him feel like say we good then a RIP detta way dem dead” While another said “If someone don’t understand this video then something really wrong to rass 🤭😂”.

Mixed feelings over Alkaline's performance - Guyana ChronicleOn the other hand, Alkaline is set to release songs Vacation and Burry Berry in coming weeks

SOME LYRICS “war cah bawl cree tell craft man seh wi full a technique, mek him feel like seh wi good then a RIP… gun dem nuff a weh dem hear bout”

Watch the full visual for “Cree” below.

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