Vybz Kartel Song ‘Love Dem’ Had Many Truths Within The Comical Lyrics, Shorty Confirms She Did Stabbed Him As Mentioned In The Song

Shorty, Kartel split? - Deejay's babymother mum on relationship ...When Vybz Kartel referenced being attacked with a knife by his spouse Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson in the 2009 hit ‘gallis anthem’ Love Dem, it seemed to be a comical line that perfectly fit Kartel’s womanizing confessions. But after a rare interview given by Johnson last night, it seems Kartel wasn’t exaggerating.

Mother to three of his children, Johnson revealed to DJ Lava that she actually stabbed Vybz Kartel after catching him with another woman.

“Me and him did inna one argument and mi deh a di house…him drive out fi go a di studio and mi text him fi tell him seh mi a go a my yard,” she started.

“Mi drive out, gone a my yard and ting…is like one mind seh tek a taxi go back a di yard. After me call the taxi, mi go di yard cause mi have mi owna key. Him come, him never see di car so him tink seh mi nuh deh deh. When time mi a watch di camera now and mi see him drive up mi just go a di front gate inna di corner.”

Vybz Kartel Baby Mother, Shorty Pregnant! | IslandPenIt was after 1 am, and Johnson recalled hearing a female’s voice as he stepped out of the car. “Yuh see as him pull di gate and come in, mi deh right a di corner. So mi nuh badda give him nuh time fi pull the house door, mi just run out pon him wid mi ice pick…”

Shorty said the infamous ‘fat brown gyal’ left the scene in a hurry. “The girl run gone dung di road…mi a tell yuh seh gyal run lef her slippers, mi nuh know weh she turn…so him haffi end up get weh she fi get.”

Luckily Gaza Empire member Shawn Storm was there to take Kartel to the Andrews Memorial Hospital in Kingston, as Johnson said she wasn’t about to do it.

She left the scene and returned to her home in Portmore, St Catherine.

But just as he showed her love after the attack on Love Dem, he showed her love when he was discharged from the hospital that morning.

“When him reach outta di hospital, him a call dung mi mada phone fi come home and all these things,” she said.

Vybz Kartel and Shorty

Earlier this month, Johnson took to Instagram live to declare that she is Kartel’s “First Lady” days after Gaza affiliate Lisa Hyper laid claim to the title and later detailed their history. Johnson made no apologies about her statement and reiterated that she doesn’t care about her partner’s intimate affairs as she is the only one with access to his assets.

Lisa Mercedez, on Saturday, told Onstage host Winfred Williams that she plans to marry the incarcerated artiste and have his children even though she has never met him.  Fans have accused Mercedez of being delusional and only seeking to promote herself.

Shorty told DJ Lava, “Mi nah watch no gyal weh a suck him h–d, mi nah look no promotion.”

Vybz Kartel Baby Mother Shorty Mom Died – www.IrieDale.com“Yuh know what is a power of attorney? Mi have it, a me alone have it. Nothing cya do without me, ask him lawyer them. You can even ask Sikka Rymes… nobody else nav no title fi get cause mi have di whole a dem, and guess wah? Mi nav no bully beef key” she added.

The latter coincides with Kartel’s new song, Cute Rider, where he deejays, “you get di car and di house key, she just get a bully beef key…”. The track is featured on his newly released Of Dons & Divas album, co-produced by his eponymous label and Johnson’s Short Boss Muzik imprint.

Kartel chronicled the ups and downs of their relationship in To Tanesha, which was released in January. Love Dem, produced by Stephen’ Di Genius’ McGregor, appeared on his Pon Di Gaza 2.0 album.

Source: Vybz Kartel Wasn’t Capping In ‘Love Dem,’ Shorty Confirms She Stabbed Him – DancehallMag

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