Kartel’s Lawyer Confident Of Privy Council Hearing

The lawyer representing entertainer Vybz Kartel, while emphasizing that no specific time frame has been given, is hoping to hear in another two weeks, at least, that they have been granted leave to go to the Privy Council in the United Kingdom.

They are seeking to have Kartel and his co-convicts’ 2014 murder conviction overturned.

“The Appeal Court reserved the judgment, so we are now waiting to hear their decision. We are hoping for it to happen in the next two weeks, but you just never know, look at what happened the last time,” attorney-at-law Isat Buchanan said, as he subtly referenced the nearly two-year long wait on the first judgment from the Appeal Court.

The human rights attorney, who is representing Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer, told THE STAR, however, that he is confident that his client, and co-convicts Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andre St John, will have their case heard before the Privy Council.


“I believe in the Jamaican constitution. The Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (Constitutional Amendment) Act, 2011, is revolutionary in upholding human rights,” he said, adding that the Jamaican drafters of the charter, thought it necessary to include such items as the right to privacy and fair trial.

Shortly after the three-member panel of the Court of Appeal upheld the men’s sentences on April 3 this year, an official application was filed on behalf of Kartel and his three co-convicts to get leave to go to the Privy Council with the matter.

Incarcerated entertainer Vybz Kartel to learn fate on FridayThat official hearing got under way before the local Court of Appeal on Monday, June 29, via video link on the Zoom platform. It lasted for one week.

Kartel, for this journey of his trial, switched lawyers and drew for Buchanan, while Bianca Samuels represented Campbell, and Jones and St John reached for attorney John Clarke.

Kartel, Campbell, St John and Jones were given life sentences in March 2014 for the 2011 murder of their associate, Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. All four denied the allegations but were convicted by a jury during a 17-week trial.

Following their appeal, the court admitted that an oversight had been made during sentencing by Justice Campbell during the original trial. The sentences were reduced based on time already served.

Kartel’s original 35 years was reduced to 32 and a half years minimum before becoming eligible for parole.

Campbell and Johns’s sentences were revised downward to 22 years and six months, while St John’s new sentence was calculated to be 27 years and six months.

Source: Kartel’s lawyer confident of Privy Council hearing | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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