Intence Does Mass Unfollowing On Instagram

Woman Says Dancehall Artiste Intence Blocked Her After Getting Her ...Following the recent car crash and hospitalization of the young Dancehall sensation Intence, rumors have been circulating suggesting that someone might have worked voodoo on the artist causing the mishaps that he has been facing.

The Artist did not hesitate to take actions in an effort to reduce his circle as it was observed that he unfollowed most people he was following, reducing the people he follows to 4.

It is seen where the artist still follows Govana, Iwaata, Axe, and someone by the name of @__speck_yengbadness_ on Instagram.

The remaining few are his close associates.

Questions are raising however as Intence went to the extent of unfollowing his manager and producer at Boysie records who produced a lot of the artist hits as well as he is said to be Intence’s Godfather.

According to vloggers, it’s also said that Boysie helped him with the car he was driving. Intence is also known to be associated with Aidonia’s 4th Genna however Aidonia is not seen to be a part of the artist following.

The artist is known for the recent hit “Yeng badness” has not said anything as yet in relation to the mass unfollowing.

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