Drake Shares A Piece Of Popcaan Feat Bakersteez Track Of His New Album

Popcaan and Bakersteez got some new heat coming.

Dancehall artiste Popcaan continues to celebrate his birthday partying and chilling with Drake and the rest of the OVO gang in Barbados. Yesterday Drake gave a little insight into all the happenings with him and Popcaan. He posted numerous photos of the beautiful villa they’re staying at with friends as well as an outing they took on a yacht. Popcaan and Drake seem to be living their best life with not a care in the world. The photos show them dressed comfortably in beach shorts and merinos while they sip on liquor and smoke weed, with Drake even hilariously posting a video of how to fix a carpet burn from a weed spliff.

The most interesting post was of Popcaan dancing and acting a fool as he enjoyed the vibes at the poolside. The video was shared by Drake on his Instagram Story, and Drizzy, who seems to be shooting from within the pool, captured Poppy doing his crazy dance style to an unreleased track featuring himself and Jamaican rapper Bakersteez. What we can hear from the 30-second clip sounds like a mash-up of trap and dancehall, and it definitely sounds like a banger.

During the video, Popcaan approaches his friend, who can be seen sitting on a chair beckoning him to listen to the track as it began playing. Poppy then starts bopping his head to the amusement of his friend, who upon hearing the track himself joined in, dancing along-side the Unruly Boss. As Drake watches on, he says “Whoi Yoh, Fry now. Miss Rhona forgive us.”

If you are a true Poppy fan, you know that Miss Rhona is Popcaan’s mother, and she is a devout Christian. That could be why Drake is asking her forgiveness as the lyrics of the track are along the lines of, “Two bad b*tch inna my house, two bad b*tch gi mi nice dome.”

This is pretty hilarious as Poppy has a slew of explicit and sexually profound tracks such as, “Sex On The River”, “My Type”, “Wine For Me”, and “Baby Yuh Tight” among hundreds of others, the list goes on and on. So we’re sure she must be aware of what Poppy’s music is like. In regards to the unreleased track, it is slated to be dropped on Friday as Bakersteez took to his Twitter account to make the announcement reposting the video clip from Drake. He captioned the post, “drizzy a listen some steezy pon a calm day…fixtape this fryday.”

Bakersteez has previously collaborated with the likes of Sizzla and is steadily making a name for himself in the dancehall scene. When speaking on the collaboration with Popcaan, he expressed that it means a lot to him, noting it as a dream turned reality, he wrote, “poppy ft me…supm wah me did dream bout.”

Be on the lookup for the crazy collab this Friday.

Source: Drake Teases New Popcaan And Bakersteez Track Ahead Of New Album – Urban Islandz

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