D’Angel’s I.G. Show ‘Fun Questions With D’Angel’, Beenie Man Cheating On Her Came Up

The filters were off during another episode of D’Angel’s Instagram show ‘Fun Questions With D’Angel.’

This week the Dancehall singer sat with her production team as she tackled several questions probing into her personal life.

The effervescent diva lit up the screen in casual glam; sporting a pixie cut hairstyle and dressed in a popping tracksuit jacket and matching shorts as she giggled and cracked jokes in between the flow of questions. However, it was how transparent she was in divulging the inside scoop about her private life that really piqued interest and of course the dancehall veteran, i.e. her ex-husband Beenie Man came up in the conversations … twice actually.

In the first instance, D’Angel said there were less than a handful of celebrities that she recalled feeling nervous/excited about working with during the span of her career. Besides Spice and Vybz Kartel, she said she was actually a little edgy teaming up with the King Of Dancehall deejay. The two collaborated in a few singles together including, One Man, Yuh Style, Yes Mi Know and Time Of My Life.

The kicker though was D’Angel’s answer to what was the hardest thing she had to do during pregnancy. Within a split second, she snapped, sex!

“During pregnancy … that was the hardest thing to do, I never liked sex at all. My first trimester was alright but when my belly start getting older like six months, I never liked sex at all,” she said.

Then out of nowhere, Angel blurted out “My husband at the time … maybe that’s why him give mi bun!”

Clearly not holding any grudges or resentment towards the Girls Dem Sugar deejay, she continued to say, “I never enjoyed it, it was just painful, mi just couldn’t deal with it. Every time him come near mi, mi bawl … is not like my husband at the time was doing something wrong, but sex was just never ah go happen.”

D’Angel and Beenie officially split in 2010 after being married for 4 years. Their son Marco Dean was 3 years old at the time. So it’s apparent that his alleged infidelity during her pregnancy was something she got over.

She was even asked if there were any regrets being married to Beenie, to which she responded, “No, I don’t have any regrets.”

Interestingly, both Beenie and D’Angel were in a diss track this week where it was alleged that ‘she’ was the unfaithful one. The claim made by Dancehall artiste Don Mafia was that D’Angel cheated on Beenie Man with Vybz Kartel.  Those claims were laid to rest today, as both Vybz and Angel denied ever having an affair.

More questions delved into her current relationship … yes she has man!

“Who tell yuh seh mi no have no partner? You bright eeh?” she snarled.

Then what is her man’s favourite body part on her? She said he likes her legs, booty, neck, breasts, “He likes all my body parts.” He also likes to spank her and ‘play’ in the nude, “Mi like ramp naked wid mi boyfriend … ramp rough and den we have sex.”

Find out more about the soft furry handcuffs she like using and her favourite name for her lady parts in the full episode here –

Source: D’Angel Leaks On Beenie Man’s Infidelity During Her Pregnancy – DancehallMag

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