Buju Says New Album Was Ordained

 Every black man have to fight': Buju Banton on prison and ...Grammy-winning artiste Buju Banton has been basking in the success of his latest album, ‘ Upside Down 2020’.

This is the first full body of work from the artiste since his release from prison in December 2018. In a recent interview with THE STAR, the artiste, given name Mark Myrie, described the project as one he was ordained to deliver.

He said that despite certain restrictions placed on him by society, his music would continue to be the instrument that transcends geographical boundaries even while he cannot.

“Everything work for the greater good of those who love the most high God. Given the fact and the dynamics that I cannot go to these countries in my personal situation, Buju Banton’s voice should never stop being heard all across the world,” he said. “We do the work from where we are and allow the music to travel. It will always reach the masses even when everything has slowed down.”

Buju was highlighting the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the entertainment industry to come to a complete halt as far as physical activities are concerned.

But like many of his colleagues, he has been using the social media platforms to stay connected as much as possible. For him, the Internet space will always be active.

Remained constant

“One thing has remained constant in all this. The Internet highway hasn’t slowed down, and so the work continues. These things were created for our use, and if we use them in a way that they don’t use us, it can be beneficial,” he said.

Upside Down 2020 was released last Friday. The project features 20 tracks with collaborations from artistes such as Pharrell Williams, John Legend, Stephen Marley, and Stefflon Don.

Buju Banton Drops First Album In A Decade, Upside Down 2020Buju revealed that although the concept of the album was coined way before the perils of 2020 started unfolding, the album is a fitting one for these times.

“Our job as musicians is to comfort the people, spread knowledge and upliftment, and so this album was designed musically to uplift, educate, stimulate, and eradicate any negativity from the minds of the masses,” he said. “Music has been a part of my life since I was 16 years old. This gift was given to me by the one of a higher power, and so, therefore, I just want to be the messenger I was called to be.”

Source: Buju says new album was ordained | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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