‘Boom Boom’ Lauds Mr. Vegas Plan To Fund Raise For Dancehall Selectors

Event players say reserves will have to sustain their livelihood ...Promoter /sound system selector Marlon “Boom Boom” Wizard is lauding dancehall entertainer Mr Vegas for his fund-raising initiative to help selectors whose income has dried up since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Mi glad him a do something fi help the selector dem. We have we little differences sometimes and him seh some things without calling name, but people feel like a mi him a talk. Regardless, a mi cousin and mi really lift off mi hat to him fi weh him a do. A nuh every selector have access to resources to make money on Instagram live and for the past four months, some of them nah make no money at all,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Last Friday, Mr Vegas took to Instagram to plead for donations via Cash App or GoFundMe to assist affected deejays/selectors. The artiste — whose given name is Clifford Smith — pledged US$2,000 to the project. The goal is US$100,000.

In a two-minute and twenty-seven-second video, the I Am Blessed singer stressed the importance of selectors to the entertainment fraternity.

Boom Boom (Billboard Selector) - Need More Dancehall“You have some special people inna reggae and dancehall. These people are the selectors. People call them deejays. The selectors them play an essential role in getting us artistes to where we are at. Globally people know we,” he said.

The entertainment fraternity was declared closed in mid-March when the first few cases of the coronavirus were confirmed on the island. It was only last week that the Minister of Local Government, Desmond McKenzie announced that intimate gatherings, not exceeding 280 guests, can be held. All protocols such as wearing masks must be observed.

Meanwhile, Wizard said he was not affected by the closure of the industry, adding that he has been hosting virtual events.

“Me did great. Mi keep Boom Sundays, Uptown Mondays and Boasty Tuesdays pon Instagram live and people tune in and give Cash App donations… But [when] mi mek a money, mi try give back to people. There is a lady in Grants Pen whose house we refurbished and that costed about $600,000…money weh we mek from (Instagram) live,” he said.

Source: ‘Boom Boom’ lauds Vegas

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