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Lisa Hyper's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's soundsDancehall artiste Lisa Hyper will now be able to add the title ‘brand ambassador’ to her résumé after being signed by businesswoman Shelly-Ann Curran as the face of her hair line, Wigs By Shelly-Ann Curran. In an interview with The Gleaner, Curran, who is also an artiste manager and booking agent, said in the six months since the launch, the product has seen so much growth that she is ready for expansion, and the signing of her first brand ambassador is the perfect gateway to broaden her reach.

“Despite some delays in the products reaching here, since we rolled out in December we have gained a lot of traction. We didn’t get to do the fierce marketing we wanted to when we launched, but the people are loving our products,” she said. She pointed out that marketing during COVID-19 presented a challenge, but the reality is that “people still want to look their best even in quarantine”.

Curran added, “Our tagline at Wigs By Shelly-Ann Curran is ‘Queenin’ on a Budget’ and we’ve been living up to that. Everybody thinks that a queen is better than the rest, but a queen, to us, is anyone who faces hardship but fixes her crown and should look and feel like one. I am very proud to say that our delivery has been making all women smile.”


Speaking of adjusting crowns in the face of adversity and moving from strength to strength, Curran expressed that when she decided it was time to take on a brand ambassador, dancehall artiste Lisa Hyper was one of the first persons who came to mind. Curran said she admired how Hyper would always bounce back from situations meant to ‘break her’. “I truly wanted someone who represented much of what I want to convey. She has, over her time, proved to be someone who fixes up. No matter what is thrown at her, she always gets back up, fixes her crown and moves forward. She fits my brand perfectly,” she said. “We are going to support her in anything she has to do, including video and photo shoots. We will be responsible for her everyday look.”

Lisa Hyper Twist & Turn (Official Video) 2016 - YouTubeHyper, also excited about her latest endorsement, says she is looking forward to the partnership with Curran. “Shelly, being a queen, stood afar and admired me for a while, and it is a great pleasure to partner with her as her first ambassador. As a monarch/matriarch of dancehall and a lyrical queen, I represent the struggles and rise of a lot of women and that’s what makes me relatable to the brand. I love myself and all my flaws, and so my self-confidence and bold nature will go a far way in selling any product.”

Source: Lisa Hyper wears brand ambassador tag | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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