Fans ‘Loco’ About Sasco’s New Single

Agent Sasco – One Love FestDancehall artiste Agent Sasco has been receiving rave reviews on his latest single, Loco.

The track, which was released late last month, has garnered close to 300,000 views on YouTube and has been dubbed a sure hit by listeners, some even calling Sasco a ‘living legend’.

Although flattered by the reactions, Sasco told THE STAR that the song becoming a hit was not a main priority for him.

Agent Sasco Drops Video For New Single 'LOCO' Off His Upcoming EP ...More important than racking up views was the hope that people would hear his thoughts on a number of issues affecting society.

On the track, Sasco voices his opinions on gun violence, drug smuggling, rape, and the practice of compromising one’s morals for social media likes.

“I try my best to not consider the outcome (of the song) as a part of the creative process. Of course I want people to appreciate it, but I find there is much more freedom in not thinking about it,” he said. “The song is discussing various issues and realities of our world as I see them. It is not limited to a particular generation or demographic. As a society, we are all charged with offering whatever guidance we can so that life improves for all generations.”

AGENT SASCO AND STEPHEN MARLEY ARE GRATEFULSasco said that he was happy for the support the song has been getting from radio DJs and selectors, revealing Loc o is the first single off his upcoming EP.

“I have made the commitment to release a project at least every two years. We are approaching the second anniversary of the Hope River album, so we are due. I am hoping for a summer release (for the EP). All the recording is done so it’s just a matter of seeing how things pan out,” he said.

Sasco revealed that so far, the compilation has six tracks, with three collaborations.

Source: Fans ‘loco’ about Sasco’s new single | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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