Spice Has Dreams Of Having Triplets Or Quadruplets, Says COVID-19 Brought Her Family Closer

Spice Dishes Some Dancehall History Lessons And Melanin Magic ...While she is seen as a super busy artiste and entertainer, Jamaican Dancehall superstar and cast member of the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reality TV show, Spice, undressed her scintillating character and entered full mommy mode as Grace Latoya Hamilton.  In a recent interview, she disclosed that the isolation period at home with her two children has brought the family closer, and that she dreams of having an even bigger family.

On Wednesday evening (May 20), the So Mi Like It artiste, in a refreshing and fun Instagram Live show, Spice revealed that she might be looking to expand her family. The show, My Moms The Bomb, was staged by Dominican-American songstress Amara La Negra, and forms part of a month-long celebration for mothers.

La Negra did not waste any time, and went straight in on the questions, asking “You have two babies right now, do you plan on having any more children or babies?”

Spice face was engulfed with contentment as she responded with yes, but indicating that marriage will play a very pivotal role. “Of course, I do. But, when I get married though. But listen to this part, when I get married I want me a pair of twins or a triplet or a quadruplet, that’s my dream,” Spice said.

Amara said that is “something that is also my dream. To have three or four of them one time, I would be so happy”.  Spice in response predicted that Amara would take the lead and she will follow right behind.  “Let’s see who is gonna go first. I feel as if I’m gonna go after you. So, I’m going to wait on you and go after,” she said.

Organisers claim innocence After Spice Set Was Cut Short, Said Its ...The mother of two is known for her ardent and consistent work as a musician, winning multiple awards and leaving her mark wherever she goes. Spice has continuously shown the world her ability to take care of her two children, playing the role of both a mother and father.

From ensuring that her children the best quality education there is to the latest in fashion wear and gadgets, Nicholas and Nicholatoy are short of nothing.


Now, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, the time and energy she would have exerted in performing and hop-scotching across the world is now being redirected fully to connect with her two children.

“To be honest, I’ve been surviving and I’ve been enjoying the moments with my kids, because the truth is when I wasn’t on quarantine I have been so busy on tours, shows and travelling to Jamaica from Atlanta. I really don’t get this amount of time with my kids. So, I really enjoy the time that I am spending with them more, so I really appreciate having these moments with them locked up. We’ve been locked up in my apartment in Atlanta now for over two months so I really am glad for the break, we can’t complain,” she remarked.

Spice and her kids Nicholas and Nicholatoy

Although Spice does not envisage slowing her career down anytime soon, she recognizes that she is not getting younger but older and shared it is important for her to inform her kids of the kind of work she does, but when they are more mature.

 “To be honest, I have been an artiste over a decade now and my daughter is still pretty young. She is now nine years old. And so, she’s not there yet of age where I am going to sit her down and have that adult conversation with her. So, I think I have a little more time to go a little more years, but I’m sure as soon as she become a teenager I will have to say you know this is mommy’s job and this is what I do because I know I won’t be in the sexy outfits for too long and by the time she gets older I’m sure I will have to tone it down a bit,” she said.

Separating her work from her personal life, Spice unveiled that as a mother it is paramount for her not to bring her stage character in her home, but creating a barrier where the two personas can coexist in different spaces.

“As soon as they get older they will understand. My kids they already know that there is a Spice and there is a Grace Hamilton. So the mom at home person they know, my fans don’t know that person. So, the persona when I am at home I speak properly to my kids and make sure they are well educated like they speak well and they are well-groomed… the Spice on stage is raw, feisty and full a lyrics and me chat and tell anybody anything weh me feel like. My kids don’t know that person,” the artiste said.

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