Popcaan Reveals The Reason For His Drastic Haircut In New Single, ‘Buzz’

Popcaan on Hype Life MagazineDancehall’s Unruly Boss, Popcaan, has finally debuted the official audio for his new single Buzz on May 28th on his VEVO and YouTube pages.

The song certainly has a buzz; Popcaan lays down some slick sounding vocals on a skippy Afrobeat styled riddim, but it’s the chorus that exacts the title. Popcaan says his’ trim has a buzz’ in reference to what has become his notorious haircut.

Poppy teased the single’s upcoming release a couple of days ago on his Instagram page via a short clip of himself vibing to the song. However vague, one could hear the catchy acoustics. The Family deejay has also told fans to look out for a soon-to-be-released mixed tape, which he said would be dropping this month. With three days to go, anticipation is building.


Buzz comes just in time to sate his parched Unruly fans, scoring over 70k streams under 5 hours and stockpiling over 800 waving comments.

Popcaan boasts that his new look is so dope that some guys better hold on to their girls. ‘Mi wi tek weh yuh gal,” Poppy says with no apology then adds, “f— ah new gyal bacau’ mi stress,” even getting more r-rated with some air restricting undertakings.

Buzz comes complete with the customary badman and gun talks, “New Intratec, new duppy mek”… “See mi enemy, squeeze di Glock, ah connect. Hol heap ah blood a leave yuh neck”… “real badman, St. Thomas mi rep”

It also looks like the deejay may just have given folks some basis for his drastic haircut.

The former hairstyle trendsetter seems to have grown tired of the copycats stealing his eccentric hairdos. “Who dem try fi tief mi style dem, try tief mi plait, try tief mi twist. Watch di style pon stage and try wid it. See mi trim di hair now, mek dem cyaa do dis,” he says.

Check out the full audio for Buzz below to hear all of Poppy’s fresh lyrics.

Buzz may be featured on his upcoming mixtape. We know Poppy has been working on new music with the likes of Skillibeng as well. In early April, Canadian rapper Drake previewed parts of a new track he and Popcaan collaborated on, however, it’s not clear whether it will be under one of Poppy’s projects or Drake’s upcoming album.

Stream Buzz below.

Source: Popcaan Reveals The Reason For His Drastic Haircut In New Single, ‘Buzz’: Listen – DancehallMag

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