Masicka Thinks Koffee Is Better Than All The Male Dancehall Artistes

Masicka music playlist by Angilee | Listen on AudiomackIt seems Grammy winning sensation Koffee has gained the respect of Masicka in a big way.

The Top Form singer said in an Instagram live that he believes Koffee is the best Dancehall artiste right now and is better than all other male deejays. He made the comments while blasting Toast in his car.

A clip from the live was picked up by DJ Chaddy, who put it up on his Instagram, a couple of days ago, with the caption: “Do you agree with #masicka ?.”  Watch it below.

Koffee’s career has been phenomenal since she began making waves in 2019. She has a much more global appeal than many other artistes in Dancehall right now, both male and female.

Koffee with her Grammy Award

What’s probably the most unique thing about her growth as a musician is how fast she’s accomplished what others who have toiled years in the industry have not. Winning the Grammy Award at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, at just 19 years old, took her just two years, as her first hit came in 2017. That song was called Burning. She’s not just the youngest ever to win the award but the only woman ever to be awarded the Best Reggae Album.

She is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the industry but fans were divided when responding to the question posed by DJ Chaddy.

One fan felt that there was enough division in the industry so the debate should not even be attempted: “A badmind that a come tru Masicka mouth kmt, Koffee is good but so are the others. Unu fight each odda too much.”


Another commenter felt that Koffee could easily hold that title: “Koffee a Grammy artist r flow bad. sit pan rhythm lyrics pan spot she been making moves and impacting the world very creative,” while another poster seemed suspicious of the motives behind Masicka’s IG live: “When last Masicka trend five songs inna him country? And me a one a yuh fans them bruv, wha kinda tlk that? Is a man yuh look fi si yuh?”

This commenter, interestingly, said that maybe it’s just a case of females doing better than males in dancehall right now: “The female artistes are doing way better than the nowadays males; more creativity and better content.”

Masicka Buys Brand New Porsche To Celebrate Dancehall Career ...Many of the fans felt that it was still too early to make such a broad statement, especially since there were many other females in dancehall doing big things.

Koffee is most definitely having a positive impact on taking dancehall and reggae globally and judging from the many interviews that she’s been in, over the last year, she probably doesn’t care to wear a title like that.

Koffee always comes across as an artiste focused on her music and doesn’t seem caught up in being crowned the best.  If anything her focus is on growing her music globally and getting more people from around the world interested in the beauty of Jamaica’s music.

Source: Masicka Thinks Koffee Is Better Than All The Male Dancehall Artistes – DancehallMag

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