Gaza Legacy Lives On, Says Lisa Hyper – Kartel Set To Become Grandfather, Some Chastise Deejay’s Son And His Girlfriend

Vybz Kartel: Still Ruling Dancehall After Years in Prison ...Though the leader is still incarcerated, but the legacy of the Gaza is secure. That’s the jubilant word from Gaza First Lady and family ‘matriarch’, entertainer Lisa Hyper, about the trending topic of Kartel’s teenage son, Likkle Addi, about to enter fatherhood.

“It feels great! For a mission some thought was impossible, mission accomplished. And I am very proud to be a part of and to be the matriarch of the family,” Lisa told THE STAR. “Our motto is fighting for what we believe in and the Gaza legacy is one of them.”

Likkle Addi and the mother to be made their big reveal on Sunday, when he posted a picture of himself and his pregnant girlfriend on social media, sending Twitter into overdrive with a whole range of comments, many of which bashed the couple.

Lisa Hyper says Connection with Vybz Kartel is Deeper than Music ...Lisa Hyper, however, had words of encouragement for the young girl.

“She is young, she still has her future ahead of her and I’m positive it will be a bright one,” Lisa Hyper said. “Yes, she now has more responsibilities, in addition to getting educated and getting her chores done. But this blessing will push her and motivate her more to be the best she can be,” she said. Lisa expressed confidence that the mother-to-be would be OK.

A blessing

“I don’t know her parents but I can speak for Adidja Palmer and Tanesha that they will definitely see to it (her well-being). A blessing is a blessing no matter how and when it comes,” she said.

Asked if she could visualise Vybz Kartel in the role of grandfather, Lisa Hyper did not hesitate when answering, “Definitely. No doubt about that.”

Kartel, who already goes by various names, including ‘Addi’, ‘Teacha’ and ‘Worl’ Boss’, seems to have warmed up very quickly to the idea of having ‘grandpa’ added to that list.

Vybz Kartel New Prison Photos Brings Back Old Gaza Memories With ...Kartel’s Instagram account posted a picture of Likkle Addi, standing proudly beside his pregnant girlfriend, along with the caption, “Congrats to me son & daughter and extended family.”

Taking a different stance from some social media users, fans congratulated Kartel, with several of them addressing him as grandfather.

Petramuzic led the way with the comment, “Congratulations on being a grandfather”, with poker_don chiming in, “Congrats Grandpa”, while others were lyrical, like Uroy.utg expressing, “Fully Addi di grand daddy”.

The young couple did not announce when the stork would arrive with their bundle of joy.

Source: Gaza legacy lives on, says Lisa Hyper – Kartel set to become grandfather, some chastise deejay’s son and his girlfriend | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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