Beenie Man Takes Fitness Journey To Next Level With Krystal Tomlinson After ‘Belly’ Teasing

Beenie Man starts fitness journey after weight gain | BuzzDancehall veteran Beenie Man with the help of girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson has decided that his Saturday night Verzuz clash with Bounty Killer will be the last time he would be jeered about his ‘pot belly’.

Krystal, who is the mother of the singer’s youngest daughter, gave her word to followers on Twitter, in the morning after the clash, that she would enlist celebrity physical trainer, Patrice J. White of Dynamic Lifestyle Studio, for what she called operation “#FlatBellySummer”.

It was previously reported on May 8 that the Grammy winner had started a fitness journey under the supervision of another trainer in order to shed the excess weight around his belly, which some fans have affectionately called a “rich man’s belly”.

Now, it seems Beenie and Krystal are taking it to the next level with White, who has trained the likes of Sean Paul, Curvy Diva Yanique, and even Elephant Man ahead of his recent European tour.  White will be putting Beenie Man under heavy drilling, as he journeys towards getting rid of his paunch ahead of his 49th birthday in August.  

Beenie Man bore the brunt of big belly jokes on Saturday night, and his protruding abdomen sparked many memes and parodies.  Upcoming comedians, many of them teenagers, stuffed their shirts with clothes to project big bellies and mimicked aspects of his performance.

The Doctor though has seemingly taken the jokes in good spirits.

He posted a photo of himself and Krystal in athletic gear, on his Instagram page this morning, signaling that he was prepared to get rid of his big belly forever.

“The bullying can stop now,” he wrote amidst a slew of laughing emojis and Jamaican flags.    “Seet deh bright and early #WORKOUTMODE.  I don’t want to be that #BigBellyGuy… Happy Holidays Everyone.”

Not too long after, White posted two video clips of both Beenie Man and Krystal in action, one captioned: “couple that trains together @kingbeenieman @krystaltmlinson”.

The trainer also sought to explain that Beenie Man, who admitted that he has a penchant for red wine, would have to adjust his diet in order to reach what she described as his ‘smexy’ goal.

Beenie Man diagnosed with Zika virus - REVOLT“Nutrition is key when it comes to Rectus Abdominis Muscle aka ‘ABS’. No matter how hard you train, you can never out-train a bad diet. In Moses’ case, he loveeeeeeeeees RED Wine, so I had to set some ground rules!” White noted.⠀

Addressing Beenie Man directly prior to the start of his workout, White told him, despite his protests, that he would have to reduce the amount of red wine he usually drinks after he told her he could not have less than two glasses of the alcohol at a time.

“I am still going to allow you to drink your red wine.  But you have to help me help the belly.   Two glasses of red wine limit.  We nuh seh you can’t drink… but is the amount you a guh drink,” she reassured him.

“I am controlling your nutrition including what you drink,” she said sternly.

In response Beenie Man said he was ready for the grueling workouts, as he not only wanted to get chiseled abs for his next birthday, but wanted to be sexy for 50.

“Mi a work pon sexy fi 50.  Mi a 48 now, suh, mi have couple months fi get couple months to get sexy,’ he said.

But Beenie Man was to later feel the pressure after Krystal went through her paces almost smoothly under White’s supervision.    He winced and groaned during some of the exercises, which include boxing and sit-ups, resulting in at one point the trainer ordering him to “run to the gate and come back” after he slipped up.

“Mi neva sleep last night; yuh haffi si wid mi,” Beenie Man pleaded.

On Saturday night during the Verzuz clash with Bounty Killer, Beenie Man was lampooned by American actor and stand-up comedian Tony Baker, who kept poking fun at the Girl Dem Sugar’s belly posting at one point: “Beenie Man’s lil stomach reminds me of those random kids in the hood that be outside with just a diaper on.  Toddler gut”.  Baker’s comment was screenshot and shared by his friend singjay Tanya Stephens, resulting in even more jokes being leveled at Beenie, by her fans.

Source: Beenie Man Takes Fitness Journey To Next Level With Krystal Tomlinson After ‘Belly’ Teasing – DancehallMag

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