Alkaline Producer Jahvy Ambassador Sends Message To Young Dancehall Acts

Dancehall heavyweights lead off Soul Survivor Riddim | Reggae VibesDancehall producer Jahvy Ambassador, who heads the Tru Ambassador Entertainment production house, is dropping some nuggets of inspiration and guidance to all the younglings looking to pursue a career in music.

While many would not consider Jahvy Ambassador to be one of the veterans in the game, he still boasts a decent catalog. He has strong ties with artistes from the MVP (Mavado, Alkaline, Jahmiel) camp. However, his advice is still golden and can be applied no matter what camp an entertainer supports. After all, the music business can be a cruel teacher, and it’s not necessarily the time spent in the business that determines the lessons learned.

The producer extraordinaire first took to his Twitter account to question the thought process of fellow entertainers. He asked, “Some people lack a ambition a dem downfall. u wa mek profit or u want attention?”

Clearly, he was not yet finished with his point and decided to screenshot his question and convert it into an Instagram post. He then exploded in the caption area by addressing the rookies of the business, “To every ute. when you get your chance in music don’t make the dominance of a next artiste allow you fi become corrupt.”

He continued, “Always stay focus pan your thing n try improve on ur craft so u can help your friends n family buil a better life. The world big and real money out de fi mek so doh mek lack a ambition n local animosity mek u miss a seat a di table …work hard everyday n get ur numbers up so u can attract d people weh mek d difference inna d world a music business.”

While no one was able to pinpoint the exact target, if there is actually one, a few commenters felt that these words should be shared with his MVP counterparts.

One person mentioned, “Said the ppl that constantly make music with subliminal diss and jabs towards other artist. “The boy who cried wolf” would be a good reference to this.”

Who do you think Jahvy Ambassador was referring to? Or was this all an attempt at promoting what could be a new riddim titled, “#socialdistanceriddim?”

Source: Alkaline Producer Jahvy Ambassador Sends Message To Young Dancehall Acts – Urban Islandz

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