Agent Sasco Says COVID-19 Presents Opportunity To Define ‘New Normal’

Assassin aka Agent Sasco on keeping the dancehall flavour and ...Agent Sasco, Jamaican recording artiste and JN Group Ambassador, reckons that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic presents an opportunity for persons to determine their ‘new normal,’ going forward.

“I’m finding that the pace of quarantine and COVID-19 time are almost more in alignment, in terms of the pace that I would like to be at,” he declared; and pointed out that, prior to COVID-19, he would disconnect from the hustle and bustle of his normal routine.

“The life in 2020 and the pace at which we were living, may not be the most natural way to be; therefore, creating the life and a timetable which is more in alignment with how you want to be; and the pace at which you want to live, you can do that; and yes, it might take some shuffling,” he suggested.

Agent Sasco made the suggestions while he was a guest on the JN Circle Thrive Together Life Class, a seven-part online series, which seeks to empower JN members and customers to thrive through COVID-19, by improving their intimate relationships.

He said on a personal level, that is one of the lessons he will take away from COVID-19, and he will intentionally make that adjustment.

Kamala McWhinney, an associate clinical psychologist and host of the series, was in agreement and stated that it was important for persons to be deliberate in what works for them.

“So many of us are on that hamster wheel, and we just keep going; and, then we wonder why we are stressing, and why we are burnt out. Now COVID has given us a chance to reflect and figure out what works,” she related.

Meet The Woman Behind Agent Sasco Who Stays 'Winning' – Radio DubplateAgent Sasco also advised that management of finances during COVID-19 was also critical. “These things are more reminders than brand new notions; saving for the rainy day; diversifying your portfolio, not putting all eggs in one basket. It is all a matter of being cognizant of them and reminding yourself,” he maintained.

Addressing the importance of being in tune with personal feelings, Agent Sasco encouraged persons to get to the core of issues that are bothering them, rather than burying their feelings, which if left unattended will worsen.

“It builds up like plaque or residue and is just there, and the next thing you are clogged up, and this attributes to nervous breakdowns. I find it worse than those who don’t get to that stage, when it is just there, festering, and it is like a sand grain in your shoe, that you will never be comfortable with,” he maintained.

Positive Vibrations: Watch Agent Sasco's "Stronger" VideoThe next JN Circle Thrive Together Life Class session will be held on Wednesday, May 27 at 6:30 p.m. The theme of the session will be ‘Self Care is Self-Love: Living Your Best Life While Single in COVID’.

The guests on the programme will be Joby Joy, singer and songwriter; Noran Price, marketing and advertising consultant and graphic designer; and Sevana Siren, singer and song writer.

Persons can join the session by registering at\thrive. The session will also be streamed live, on the JN Group Facebook page.

Source: Agent Sasco says COVID-19 presents opportunity to define ‘new normal’ | Loop News

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