Vybz Kartel Reacts To ‘Property Dump’ Reports

Vybz Kartel Reveals How He Copes With Life In PrisonVybz Kartel has blasted a recent report carried in the media about his former Havendale property.

On Sunday Vybz Kartel took to Instagram to blast The STAR over an article about his Havendale property.

“Lemme ask you this. Do you just take random people off the streets and turn them into reporters? Because real journalism would have led a professional reporter to find out if I in fact still own the property…(which i dont, it was sold ),” he ranted.

Kartel would continue by saying “Im not totally surprised as you have in the past, done similiar unprofessional “tabloidish” #articles. Da reporter de brain smaller dan subatomic #particles. Mi love mek di news still so big big up #thejamaicastar …. Am Out!”

Dozens of fans flocked to social media after the deejay’s post with most seemingly in agreement.

“A man as great as you dem no rate dem try do everything fi fight yuh dwag smh black ppl gaza lives on forever,” one fan declared. Other fans were seemingly more entertainer by the deejay’s humour as one fan joked, “E man say subatomic particles 😂😂 me finish 😩”

Vybz Kartel Publishes New Images Ahead Of 2020 | British LinkzLast week an article was published calling the deejay’s former property a “big dump.” In the article, residents complained about the poor state of the property.

“Cokeheads use it as a base, others sleep over there. There is the night-time sexual activity as well,” one resident complained.

The property, which is situated on Swallowfield Avenue was once the primary base for the entertainer. However, in 2015 the building was demolished by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation.

Source: Vybz Kartel Reacts To ‘Property Dump’ Reports – The Tropixs

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