Sean Paul Bring Out The Ladies In “Born Gyallis” Video

Sean Paul: Drake Should Give More “Accolades” to Jamaican ...Sean Paul drops the video for “Born Gyallis.”

If you are unfamiliar with the Jamaican lingo, the term gyallis is that name given to a person who knows just what to saw to weave his way into the minds of females. His main aim is not usually to find the perfect mate or the love of his life but to conquer his subjects like Alexander the Great, or the master seducer, Cassanova. The video starts out much like a lot of Jamaican love stories do, with SP riding his bicycle while he tries to court a petite young lady who is walking by. Sean Paul remains persistent even though he is given the cold shoulder for the majority of the walk.

The music video contains a bunch of dancing scenes that distract viewers from SP as he works on his subject. However, the editor cuts back to the encounter just in time for us to see her flashing a smile, which is a clear sign of progress for Sean Paul. SP also has a love affair with his two(2) wheel mode of transportation, and the reason is obvious. Like many of the other props in the video, the bicycle glows a bright orange, which somehow adds a terrific boost to the appearance of the video and definitely seems like a collector’s item.

Sean Paul Talks State Of Dancehall In "A Life In Riddims ...Towards the end of the video, we saw that being persistent does pay off, as the petite queen in question ends up grinding on Sean Paul. Director Kieran Khan brings a lot to the table in this video and tops off Sean’s escapade with a few motorcycle stunt scenes.

The video and song are fun and entertaining and also serve the process of highlighting the creative genius of Chimney Records. The production house released the Aircraft riddim back in November 2019, and we are still seeing releases from the project almost five months later.

You can watch the official music video for “Born Gyallis” below.

Source: Sean Paul Bring Out The Ladies In “Born Gyallis” Video – Urban Islandz

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