Nothing Happened On My IG Live, Says Matterhorn – Popular Selector Rubbishes Claims Made In ‘Cheeky’ Voice Note

Tony-Matterhorn-1 – McKoysNewsPopular selector Tony Matterhorn is today clearing the air following rumours that a man posing as a woman joined in on one of his Instagram live sessions on the weekend. In an interview with THE STAR, Matterhorn said that while he cannot stop any individual from joining in on his live-streaming parties, the events being spoken of in a voice note currently circulating on social media are simply not true.

In the voice note, a man can be heard stating that while tuned in to Matterhorn’s live, dancing and ‘holding a vibe’, his male sexual organ fell out.

“Das why me nuh like go live without put in all my tucker. Me affi put on my tucker fi hold mi b***y. Me deh pan di live good good and everybody a cheer fi me … when di b***y she drop out. A same so if a one dance me deh and everybody feel say me a woman and di b***y drop out. Dem woulda beat me,” parts of the voice note said.

But Matterhorn labelled the viral voice note and the accompanying screengrab as mischievous.

“Nothing like dat nuh happen because over 14,000 people deh pan di live, and nobody nuh ketch dat? Come on! If that happened, it woulda been the talk of the town, and videos would be out. There’s no video because it never happened,” he said. “It’s safe to say that person was dancing in dem own space to the live while it a gwaan and such thing happen. But the way how it (the story) come out, dem a try make it look like a pan the live dat happen. Don’t gwaan like unu wah style me thing.”

Tony Matterhorn on SpotifyMatterhorn added that with the live space being public domain, he cannot screen who tunes in, and so there are people of different races, genders, and sexuality who would be watching.

He did explain, however, that in order for someone to be an exclusive part of the live where it is being broadcast simultaneously with his playing, he has to send out requests.

“Some people don’t even understand how this live thing work. For people to join in on your live, you have to send requests, which they have to accept before their screen is shared and you can see what they’re doing. And I only send requests to a limited number of persons, people I know,” he said.

Matterhorn was adamant that negative people can’t tarnish his live session.

“Dis can’t stop me from join who me wah join pan me live because a one or two people me join anyway. Me find a remedy fi dis whole quarantine thing. Me get the people to take dem mind off dem stress temporarily, and me nah go stop do dat,” he said.

“Me start gi dem all themes fi di session dem just fi make dem get dressed up and feel like dem actually deh a one dance and dem nah leave dem house. Me a do a presentation, and di people dem love it because image means a lot.”

Source: Nothing happened on my IG live, says Matterhorn – Popular selector rubbishes claims made in ‘cheeky’ voice note | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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