Muslim Dancehall Star Lisa Mercedes Gets Death Threats, Apologize & Delete Offensive Video

Muslim dancehall artiste Lisa Mercedez is apologizing after receiving heavy backlash for her music video and song “Shahada.”

The U.K. based dancehall artist came under heavy fire after she released her song “Shahada” this month. In the track, Lisa Mercedes, who recently reverted to Muslim, says a prayer from the Quoran, which caused an uproar among some listeners. She subsequently removed the video from all platforms and is now offering an apology. “Firstly I want to express my sincerest apologies to anyone I’ve offended. When I made the video for Shahada it was done with best intentions,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “It was intended to be a message to my fans about my journey and newfound faith.”

She continued to say that while some were inspired by the track, others did not take kindly to it which ultimately led to her decision to remove it. “Whilst it has created some positive conversation with people that want to know about the religion, there are some people that equally are offended by it. This was never meant to cause any [offense] to anyone. Out of the [utmost] respect I have decided to remove the video,” she said.

Even though Lisa conceded, she maintains that the hate that was spewed at her was still unfounded. In the caption, she added, “I didnt know there was so many racist and abusive people in the muslim religion. People so full of judgment and hate, tbh this wasnt what i would’ve expected from anyone following any religion.” She continued, “Whether my actions were right or not, it doesn’t warrant such disgusting abuse. This to me is shameful to see and as a new revert it is a huge turn off. The prophet (peace be upon him) said ‘insulting a muslim is an evil action and fighting him is disbelief (Kufr),’” she wrote.

She shared some of the reactions, which included “What a b*tch my only wish is you die strongly go to hell.” Yikes! Mind you, Lisa Mercedes has been defending herself to these individual trolls, even telling this one person to go gobble their mother’s lady parts.

The dancehall artist recently aligned with Vybz Kartel and is set to make an appearance on his upcoming album. She shared a previous post writing, “Coming soon, I’m glad to be a part of this project @vybzkartel ft myself #worldboss dons & divas album #2020.”

Well, regardless of what people might think about Lisa Mercedez, it is clear that she doesn’t intend to give up her religion nor her career. If there is anyone who can help her create her footprint in the genre even while she fights religious attacks, it’s the Worl’Boss himself.

Source: Muslim Dancehall Star Lisa Mercedes Gets Death Threats, Apologize & Delete Offensive Video – Urban Islandz

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