Kartel Calls Beenie Man “Queer Of Dancehall”, See Beenie’s Reply

Vybz Kartel disses Beenie Man... See full details | yardhype.com ...Vybz Kartel’s instagram is always active with daily updates it would seems. The latest update via comment from vybz Kartel’s account was a reply to a message stating that Beenie Man is the real King and not Kartel.

The person wrote the following, Seemingly on one of Vybz Kartel’s posts “Beenie man a king of the dancehall, so stop give u self false title battyman”, Vybz Kartel’s response was “Hey boy marie, a beenie a fuck you?? Queer a dancehall dat”.

The comment by Vybz Kartel was made public by Beenie Man, See Beenie Man’s Response below.

Beene Man Posted the pic below with the following caption “We nuh kill champion, wi build champion. Blessings DJ. #Kingbeenieman 👑👈 #BeenieMan #MosesDavis #G.O.A.T”

Beenie Man and vybz kartel


Kartel’s Fallout with Intence, Kartel wrote “Somn wrong wid @vevo ? or a some guys a buy trending ? ”

At the time of his comment, Intence’s song was trending at number one, now intence has two videos in the top 5 trending in Jamaica.

While not calling any name Intence’s reply a couple of hours after was “CYA DRAW WE OUT BETTA YUH WUL UH NIGHT SLEEP😂😂😂 #1TRENDING #YENGBADNESS #GENNAJETTLIFE… PROUD A THE YOUTHS DEM WEN UH SEE DEM A WIN”

intence vybz kartel

Vybz Kartel regained his number one position on trending seemingly after Teejay removed the video that was also uploaded to his youtube channel.

Source: Kartel calls Beenie Man “Queer Of Dancehall”, See Beenie’s Reply | | yardhype.com

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