Jahmiel Takes Aim At Chronic Law With A “357”

Dancehall nice again!!!, jahmiel diss chronic law in '357'Jahmiel returns with this hardcore dancehall song titled “357”, The song is aimed at fellow dancehaller Chronic Law as both have been trading insults of late via songs.

Why is this a Diss Track? Well, the first clue is in the title, Chronic Law’s name on Instagram is “1law_chroniclaw357”. Second is “slaughter di fat fucker when him friend a look” and third “Garlic only touch yo knife when dem a cook” which all points to Chronic Law aka Law Boss.

SOME LYRICS “yo nuh si dem jus a boast yo fi dead.. pussy talk straight cah mi know yah bait.. How wi fi dream when the killas them awake”.

This is a response to Chronic Law’s song called “Pree”, Pree is currently the second most trending song/video on Jamaica’s youtube.

Listen, stream the full song below.

Source: Jahmiel takes aim at Chronic Law with a “357” | | yardhype.com

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