Jada Kindom, Konshens Say Mental Health A Big Concern During Isolation

DOWNLOAD: Konshens Ft. Anju Blaxx – What a Vibe (mp3) • illuminaijaEntertainers have joined the discussion on how isolation could affect mental health during the COVID crisis.

Dancehall stars Jada Kingdom and Konshens have expressed concerns about how isolation could affect mental health.

The COVID 19 outbreak has raised many concerns but one being overlooked is its effect on mental health. According to psychiatrist Dr. Geoffrey Walcott, many people talk about the physical effects but not the mental.

“Social isolation, while effective in stemming the spread of COVID-19, does have significant impact on mental well-being in all persons. People who are more prone to depression and anxiety are even more affected,” he said.

The concerns were also echoed by entertainers such as Jada Kingdom and Konshens.

“What everyone is going through right now is surreal and is a test on everyone’s mental health, not just those already dealing with those issues,” said Kingdom. The entertainer has in the past admitted to struggling with bipolar disorder and depression.

Watch Jada Kingdom's New Video For 'Long Term' – DancehallMagThe “Banana” singer says one of her coping mechanisms is limiting how much television she watches. Instead, she says she spends most of her time writing and recording music at home.

“While it is vital to keep up to date with what is going on around the world and also keep abreast of the latest advice or tips, I believe the constant stream of negative news on TV doesn’t help,” she said. “Everyone is under immense stress and pressure. People are dying, some have lost jobs not knowing how they will pay their bills or keep a roof over their heads and the worst part is the uncertainty, which brings major anxiety.”

Konshens - Bio, Facts, Family | Famous BirthdaysJada also went on to offer some suggestions on how fans can pass the time. She suggested learning a second language or even how to play an instrument. The singer also pointed to online parties as a great source of entertainment and interaction.

Dancehall superstar Konshens also voiced his concerns on the issue, agreeing that it was a big concern. “People need to realise that this problem is VERY real, and if we don’t take it seriously, especially in a time like this, it can be devastating.”

“I’m no expert or adviser, but I have said it previously on social media that I think we should just keep our minds active and not get sucked into our thoughts and the Internet by searching for a hobby – something other than sitting alone thinking all day. And people who know of loved ones dealing with these conditions, check on them regularly,” he said.

Source: Jada Kindom, Konshens Say Mental Health A Big Concern During Isolation – The Tropixs

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