Intence Denies Vybz Kartel’s Claims About Buying Views, Says Sikka Rymes Is Well Below Him

Dancehall Artiste Intence Celebrates Hard Work With A New Benz ...Some artistes thrive off of pressure from other artistes and others are inspired when they are bombarded by insults. It seems to drive them more. This is especially true in Dancehall where clashes oftentimes make an artiste become legendary. Even though it’s too early to call, it seems Intence, whose real name is Tashawn Gabbidon, has at least won the first round of battles between himself and the Gaza Nation.

The past week has been a back and forth between Intence and the Gaza King Vybz Kartel (Adidja Palmer) and it seems the young deejay is holding his own. He’s faced off with Kartel and second in command Sikka Rymes (Javian Chambers), and has lived to tell the tale. Not only that, but he’s also trending. Intence has the number four, six and seven spots, for his songs Tears Dem Dry, Dawg Dem and Right or Wrong.

The feud between the artistes began when Intence’s single Tears Dem Dry held onto to No. 1 Trending spot on YouTube’s Popular In Jamaica channel  for over 9 hours after Kartel and TeeJay’s single Up Top Gaza was released.  Kartel questioned how he could be beaten out for number one by a youngster and in his typical controversial style called out Intence by accusing him of buying YouTube likes in order to be trending.  “Somn wrong wid @vevo? or a some guys a buy trending?”, Kartel asked.

Intence's New Face Tattoos Get Mixed Reactions From Fans ...Intence quickly made a post of his own saying that he won’t be baited and suggested that Kartel catch his night’s sleep.   Kartel responded with another comment directed at Intence: “If your music dont pass norman manley airport stfu peasant!”

Sikka Rymes backed up his boss with an expletive-laden diss track entitled Dem Nuh Bad.  Intence threw some fuel into the fire by telling a fan that he’s never even heard of Rymes.

Vybz Kartel with protege Sikka Rymes during a prison visit

Yet none of the drama has stopped Intence from churning out the hits.

He gave the Jamaica Star his side of the story. The fame he’s received from the war has apparently helped to put him ahead as over the last two weeks he’s gotten close to 1.5 million views on YouTube.

He admitted that the vigorous battle he’s facing right now has inspired him to stay focused to drop more tracks.

“It’s a great feeling having three songs in the top 10 because a long time we wah do dis and me put in the work. Nuh care weh some man wah say innu, a our time now, so as we drop something di people dem support it because dem wah fi hear weh we a come wid next. Di image and the style and the lingua keep dem interested. We nah do the same thing weh everybody a do. We a nuh regular boy.”

He also flatly denied buying views.

“We never buy views nuh time. Dat never come to we mind yet. We fan base just a grow now. We have songs weh have millions of views. How dem never say we buy views then? Why now? Dem not even a say we a buy views alone innu, dem say we a buy trending, and everybody know say trending cannot buy. Me not even a medz dem chatting innu because some people nuh wah see a next yute rise. From me get the buss wid Go Hard, every song me get after that trend, so dat just show me say a harder me fi go.”

He’s also ready for war as he once again failed to acknowledge Sikka Rymes saying that if he responded to the diss track he would only be making Rymes famous.

“A buss me woulda buss him if me answer right now. Me deh up yah so, so why me would look pan a artiste weh deh dung deh so and a fight and well wah buss? Dat woulda come in like a joke thing. Critics motivate me and me have a bag a song fi drop. Me have a new song weh me drop about two days ago name Questions, and a whole heap more things to come, so just stay tuned to Intence,” he said.

This is a battle that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon as Intence said he intends to keep dropping tracks and there’s no doubt Kartel will be waiting to take on some fresh blood as he’s vicious when it comes to defending his throne.

Source: Intence Denies Vybz Kartel’s Claims About Buying Views, Says Sikka Rymes Is Well Below Him – DancehallMag

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