Govana Reveals The Dark Side Of Dancehall

Govana - Pretty Little Thing (Viral Riddim) January 2019 - YouTubeDancehall artiste Govana, yesterday evening on Twitter, took a break from posting his usual promotional content. He instead released two tweets, about 20 minutes apart, spewing some thought-provoking words.

In the first tweet, addressing upcoming artistes and producers, he compares the dancehall industry to a legal version of the drug game. He then goes on to describe the industry as ‘cut-throat’ and warns against trusting people.  He says fans are loyal only to the product and not the distributors and how humbling it is to realize that he is not bigger than the game.

He then drops the second tweet about 20 minutes later- this one in a slightly less dark tone. He used this one to offer some positive advice and motivational words including ‘stay true’, ‘stay real’ and ‘believe in your CRAFT’.

The 4th Genna artiste’s fans were quick to comment on and retweet the artistes words, offering him encouragement and their two cents.

GOVANA - HOMBRE - BIG BALLER RIDDIM - 4TH GENNA MUSIC - 2018Now Govana has left his fans to speculate over the motivation for these tweets. Did someone get on his wrong side? Is he sending a particular message to someone? Is he just lamenting over a past situation? Or is he just meditating on some random situations because of the current lockdown?

Well, the Govana himself has not replied to any of the comments but one fan on Instagram is assuming that the words are stemming from Govana’s observance of the Popcaan and Notnice feud. Without any confirmation from the Govana however, this is only speculation.

Whatever the motivation behind these words, they have a valuable message for upcoming persons in the dancehall industry and any industry for that matter. We’ll just have to wait and see what else the ‘Problem’ artiste has to say.

Source: Govana Reveals The Dark Side Of Dancehall – DancehallMag

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