Fans Think Anju Blaxx Blasted Aidonia’s Call For Peace In Dancehall After Kartel Fallout

Producer Anju Blaxx Arrested On Scamming Charge In Florida ...Andrew Myrie, widely known in the dancehall community as Anju Blaxx for his music production services is talking out against hypocrites in the industry at a very peculiar time when ‘certain deejays’ are imploring for peace among one another.

The producer’s comments had some fans tagging dancehall artiste Aidonia on the post, made today on Instagram.

Aidonia, a few days ago, reacted to a controversial post made by the Worl’ Boss.  Kartel outright tagged the 4th Genna boss along with members of the MVP crew, Mavado, Alkaline and Jahmiel in the post that declared dancehall “a testosterone driven war world, with inflated egos and hype” with no room for those acting like bullied 10-year old school girls and “metrosexual emotional #bitchesintheirfeelings”.

Even after Vybz Kartel threw those nasty punches, Aidonia humbly replied with some words of homage, saying: “The war angel the worl boss bickering on the internet over numbers …when the world has crowned this man one of the greatest in dancehall”.  Then without sounding too much of a ‘Teacha’s’ pet, went on to say “memba a me seh Addi a mi daddy and right now ya move like mommy”.

Vybz Kartel and Aidonia

The next phase of Aidonia’s lengthy post and perhaps the part that irked Anju Blaxx was when he said to the fans “and mi nuh want unnu tek dis fi joke…inna dem serious time ya when covid a tek di lives of so many people locally and internationally…unnu a fwd wid dis negativity we nuh need dat inna Jamaica…we nuh need dat inna dancehall…”

Finally freeing up all of what was on his chest Aidonia finished with “GAZA FANS the SHEEP if unnu love love unnu shepherd pray for Vybz kartel!!!, ….“4th GENNA na nuh time fi mix up, we a focus pan we self and a do we ting.”

Here we are today and Uptempo’s CEO, Blaxx who rarely posts anything on his Instagram with a whopping 8 post in total on his page, seems to be quite peeved about double-dealers in the business.

He said, “All off uno hypocrites (if the cap fit yuh know Weh fi duh) a post n bawl fi UNITY inna dancehall when a unu same one did help f-ck up n corrupt the business. Stop gwan like unu is some R-ssclat humanitarians now!!! This is just the after math when shit hit the fan FR an individual in th industry to say.”

Anju being a pretty prolific music producer and having worked with the likes of Alkaline, Christopher Martin, Tommy Lee, Popcaan, Chronic Law along with the 4th Genna leader himself Aidonia for example, would know a little something about deejays corrupting the dancehall industry — however was sure not to call names.

It just seems very coincidental that he would take the energy and time to call out ‘all these hypocrites’ at this particular time after the Kartel fallout.

Source: Fans Think Anju Blaxx Blasted Aidonia’s Call For Peace In Dancehall After Kartel Fallout – DancehallMag

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