Chronic Law’s ‘School Dem’ May Be The End Of The Feud With Jahmiel

Dancehall Star Chronic Law Instagram Page Hacked, Ordered To Pay ...After Jahmiel scored an A+ with Quaran Kill, Chronic Law proceeds to ‘School Dem’ in a new diss track released yesterday in Round 4 of a lyrical war between the two dancehall artistes.

The war started when Jahmiel dropped Dead Xample, on April 13th.   Law released Pree on April 14th, countering some points raised by Jahmiel.  Round 2 saw Jahmiel wielding a 357 on April 17th, while Law asked if his opponent is still Relevant on April 19th.  Jahmiel again addressed Law in Chip Glock on April 20th, while Chronic ended Round 3 and counteracted surgically with Talk Facts on April 21st.

Now in School Dem, has Chronic Law changed professions from the lyrical surgeon to the teacher ? This new, almost monotone listen from the Law Boss has not left fans with much more to be desired. Spirits may have been dampened by the familiar flow and sound of the song, however, the Law Boss thinks it may be time to settle the score once and for all.

CHRONIC LAW - MONEY PREE FREESTYLE by Ackeme "Law Campbell on ...In far less metaphoric anecdotes and the same frequency in the beat, listeners are forced to pay close attention to the lyrical content rather than an entertaining experience. Fresh out of the block, the Law Boss diagnosed that his opponent must be living in an imaginary land. His previous brain chip malfunction, and preschooler diagnosis, has now been properly defined before his noted final execution – “After wi shub gun inna yuh face yah show wi di crazy tings weh yuh brain a tink…yuh imagination shaky, mout dem a run, win uh joining lip racing, trouble dem a gi, a pickney weh jus facesy”


Following his ‘Talk Facts’ response to Jahmiel’s Chip Glock song, the Law Boss again has to render a response to the rape allegations. Sounding almost like his 6IX Boss, Squash, Chronic deejays that, “any police whe deh pan yh pay list tell dem fi find dah file deh, bout rapist…”

Chronic also adds he flew recently, again substantiating that the rape case only exist in the mind of the so called ‘pickney’. Is this enough to quash Jahmiel’s previous utterance, “‘real gangstas name cyan call pan raping ting, inna him own DNA him swim… straight facts an yuh cyan she a lie, a rape case mek di p…y cyan fly”.

Using less literary devises and more lyrical content, the ‘Relevant’ artiste speared listeners, the story telling and usual word throwing. Instead he emphatically defended himself, his prowess and his purported murderer status; concluding that his expressive ability has simply confused them (them meaning Jahmiel and the MVPs).

Chronic Law

“School dem, a fool dem” Chronic rhymes, noting that he and by extension the 6IX are cut from a different cloth, as if they were different species in their talented artistry and practice of the craft. As such his opponent can’t keep up – “Buy a gun and dem cyan tek off di running board…wi pull it dung and fit it up, yeah man a suh wi roll, dem dark tru dem watch duppy show, dem dead aready and mi nah sing nutten more, school dem and sen dem home, bwoy guh do yuh chores.”

To not present adequate responses to the details in Jahmiel’s last song is suggestive that the Law Boss is done talking, and could be taking the war at a literal pree. When the mike drops and nothing is left to say, then what exactly is the next step in this battle? From Chronic Law, to his opponent, “ mek sure when wi buck yuh brave”

Previously, in ‘Relevant’, Chronic noted his rival is not relevant and he is only doing the battle for his fans. Now he has indicated that this is the end, is Jahmiel lyrically dead? Or is Chronic Law evading an inevitable knock-out, without deliberation?

Listen to School Dem below.

Source: Chronic Law’s ‘School Dem’ May Be The End Of The Feud With Jahmiel – DancehallMag

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